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The Best Trait of Each MBTI Personality Type


13. ESTJ

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You are terrific at taking care of details, making decisions, and executing tasks flawlessly. You’re the person to call if something needs to get done!


14. ESFJ

You are a generous, caring soul who seeks to spread happiness and harmony. You use your leadership ability in a way that inspires. Frankly, you make the world a better place.

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15. ENFJ

You were made for the spotlight! You’re charismatic, and you know how to read a room. You shine when facilitating others’ learning and helping them to be their best.


16. ENTJ

You boldly go where others don’t. You love to take charge of a situation, and you don’t stop until you meet your goals. You easily assume leadership roles, and you have a way of getting others on board, too.

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When you recognize and use your type’s preferences, you’ll feel at your best – inspired, energetic, and in alignment. Remind yourself of your best traits and appreciate them in others as well.


Lisa Petsinis is a certified life and career coach and certified MBTI® practitioner who works with women to beat overwhelm, uncover their brilliance, and create a life they’ll love. Sign up for her newsletter and contact her about her services today.

The Best Trait of Each MBTI Personality Type
The Best Trait of Each MBTI Personality Type

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Lisa Petsinis
Lisa Petsinis is a certified coach who works with women who want to bring their best selves to their work, relationships, and life. She's on a mission to beat overwhelm and create more confidence, hope, joy, and success.  The key is self-awareness, and she uses a strength-based approach, visioning, mindfulness, and tools like and MBTI® to help clients uncover their brilliance. People say that it's the thoughtfulness, insight, empathy, and care that she brings to each situation that makes the difference. Visit her website to read more of her articles, sign up for her newsletter, or contact Lisa to learn if coaching is right for you. Transform your life, starting today.
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