Why The Best Revenge Is Living A Happy Life, And I’m Committing Myself To Mine


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Best Revenge Is Living A Happy Life

Everyone wants to live a happy life but rarely do people understand that living a happy life is only possible when you take your power back. This post is all about taking your power back and how the best revenge is to live a happy life.

The Best Revenge Is Living Well And Living A Happy Life

Starting today, my simple intention is to live in such a way that one day I will be your biggest mistake. How I choose to do that, rather than boasting or bragging, rather than ranting and tantrums, attacking and nagging the bad things that happen, is to ooze awesomeness into existence.

Starting today, I’ll deliver goodness and glory to every second of time I find, and however slight the ray of light that dances on my path, I vow to shine, stop, pause and reflect that appreciation and joy are just cause and effect, and I vow to feel blessed for the moments and memories I have lived and all the days that I have left.

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Starting today, I’ll get fitter, laugh longer, try harder, and be a bolder better me than you’ve ever fucking seen and I’ve ever thought possible.

Starting today, I take my power back.

Starting today, growth is my favorite sport.

Starting today, I am enough.

Starting today, you will feel my footsteps when I enter a room and you will know my truth when I look at you. I will smile huge, like I used to do before my hurt glued a frown on my face and stuck a worry in the way I walk, talk, and behave.

Starting today, I fiercely face what’s coming with open arms and open palms with an open heart that holds no qualms because starting today, I will be brave, content, and committed, with daily endeavors divine and delicious.

Best revenge is living a happy life
The best revenge is a life well lived

Starting today, I got this, and starting today, I take no shit (especially from myself) because starting today I appreciate that I am my own best friend, hidden gem, biggest fan, and support system, and starting today, I will spread my scarred wings and soar with wild splendor.

Starting today, I will fly, because I am so tired of feeling tired, of questioning my worth and wondering why it didn’t work, replaying truths I should have said instead of disguised lies I tucked away in the bed in my brain, so warm and so big, but I know that comfort hinders growth just as silence burns the bridge between who we are and what we did, the truth inside and fibs we live.

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Starting today, may the mysteries of life sprinkle glorious glimmers of light where my feet meet the earth, and starting today, I plant a seed full of hurt that will bloom into hope, and if it grows I can, too.

Starting today, it will be okay and I know I will be soon.

From now on, this is my mantra and this is my time: My life is my own and I’m making it mine.

Want to know more about why the best revenge is happiness? Check this video out below!

How to take your power back & living well is the best revenge

Written By Jeremy Goldberg
Originally Appeared On Thought Catalog
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