13 Best Mindfulness Meditation Videos For Kids

13 Best Mindfulness Meditation Videos For Kids

Encourage your kids to learn the beneficial art of paying attention to the present moment with mindfulness meditation.

According to the London Journal of Primary Care, mental health issues in children are increasing worldwide. The prevalence of mental health disorders in children and adolescents is almost 15% globally. As per the World Health Organization, 50% of all mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and others begin by the age of 14 and three-quarters by the mid-20s.

Research suggests a combination of factors such as heredity, psychological trauma, biology, or environmental stress, and others are causes of mental health problems in children. But, currently, school closures, social restrictions, and lack of outdoor play, are some of the factors increasing the risk of lasting psychological distress in 1 in every 4 children stuck indoors.

According to the study published in the Journal of Mental Health, children stuck at home are found to be restless, in some cases violent, some are exposed to domestic violence and other problems. Research shows that the feeling of helplessness, loneliness, fear of being socially excluded in vulnerable children, fear of not being able to complete the school year in students, restlessness; may increase the number of anxiety, depression, and other mental health cases. 

What is the best way to calm down cranky kids at home? How to help them self-regulate when they are stressed or the day feels topsy-turvy? How to prevent or help them deal with anxiety and fear? Research confirms that Mindfulness may address mental health concerns in children!

Mindfulness for kids 

Mindfulness means to be in the present by noticing what you are doing now, how you are feeling, what you are hearing, and focusing on something but in a relaxed way. It is the process of taking time to slow down. There is no rushing, no stress, no multi-tasking, and no worry. 

No matter what you’re doing, whether playing basketball, drawing, listening to podcasts, or anything else, if you are paying 100% attention, then you are mindful.

Mindfulness Increases Subjective Well-being
13 Best Mindfulness Meditation Videos For Kids

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Mindfulness Videos for kids

Here’s the list of YouTube Videos on Mindfulness Exercises for kids to help your child hone a wonderful skill.  

1. The Science Behind Mindfulness Meditation

Based on the studies of neuroscience and other researches, this video explains the science of meditation and how mindfulness restructures the brain. Learn the power of the mind through this brilliant presentation.
Check the video here

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2. Mind the Bump

An informative video on mindfulness meditation and how it impacts the brain. Kids will get to know the importance of mindfulness skills and gear up to start the practice. Those who are new to the topic will find this insightful.
Watch the video here.

3. Kids Explain Mindfulness

A wonderful compilation of what kids think about mindfulness and its benefits. Watch this video with your young ones and it will surely motivate them to try mindfulness to overcome anxiety due to pandemics and social isolation. 
Watch the video here

4. Minute Body Scan Meditation

This video teaches about body scan where kids have to focus on toes and all the way through the entire body. This mindfulness exercise helps kids to pay attention to minute details of their bodies and slowly move on to more spacious awareness.

A great technique to get in touch with one’s body and interrupt the stress responses. Focusing on body parts will help you stop thinking about other matters, let go of feelings of accomplishing schoolwork or other tasks, and release bottled-up emotions.
Watch the video here

5. Teaching Mindfulness To Children At Home And In Schools

The story of Dante who has a habit of thinking about the past and future and losing concentration is very relatable. Targeted to older children, this video explains how mindfulness can help focus on the present, lower stress, anxiety, and depression. The video teaches how mindful activities for kids can help your kid deal with a problem without reacting.
Watch the video here

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