Are You An Empath Or Just Highly Sensitive?

Are you an Empath or Just Highly Sensitive?

Empath: A person who is capable of feeling the emotions or physical symptoms of others even if they themselves are not going through the same situation or events.

Highly Sensitive: Used to describe a person who has high sensory awareness and often feels extremely emotional or in-tune with their surroundings.

It is estimated that around 15-20 percent of the population is highly sensitive and another 2-3 percent of the population are empaths.

The term “empath” has been growing in popularity however, many are confused about what it actually means and mistaken it to describe someone who is highly sensitive.

Being an empath is really like having clairsentient abilities whereas being a highly sensitive individual is more about enhanced sensory awareness.

To put it simply- empaths pick on up energy whereas highly sensitive people pick up on sensory stimuli.

The difference is important because those who are highly sensitive can learn to protect their energy using various mindfulness tools however, empaths really need to learn how to harness their talents and channel them into something deeper.

Are you an Empath or Just Highly Sensitive?

So, what are the traits of an Empath?

  1. People feel comfortable telling you their personal stories and often comment on how good they feel after talking to you, but you usually feel worse after talking to them.

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2. You experience aches and pains that are also being experienced by your loved ones or the people around you.

3. When you are around others, you can pick up on certain energies and emotions, however, when you are on your own, you feel a sense of calm and normality.

4. You have trouble concentrating when others are around, or you feel overwhelmed easily when hanging around others, especially in crowded places.

5. Some people appear to be intimidated by you as they can feel that you can see right through them.

6. You understand or comprehend a lot of what others are going through and seem to know more than you were verbally told.

7. You can instantly detect and absorb the emotions of others and feel them on a physical level.

8. When you are around certain people you find yourself acting out of character or doing things you wouldn’t normally do.

9. You have a hard time navigating through your own feelings and emotions and working out why you feel a certain way.

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10. You feel a certain way but have no idea why only to find out that someone close to you is going through the same emotions.

11. In Astrology, empaths usually have their Moon in a water sign or another sensitive placement.

Compare these to the traits of a Highly Sensitive Person

  1. You feel your emotions or the emotions of others on a deeper level.

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2. You have the tendency to be more reactive than normal in emotional situations. Many might accuse you of being overly dramatic or that you need to calm down.

3. You tend to take things very personally and are easily offended or disgruntled by other people’s thoughts and actions.

4. You prefer to do things on your own and avoid hanging out in groups.

5. You have a harder time making decisions because you are more aware of the possible outcomes.

6. You have the ability to notice the finer details in your surroundings are often sensitive to noise, colors and other stimuli.

7. You have a hard time watching scary or violent movies and are easily moved by emotional scenes.

12 thoughts on “Are You An Empath Or Just Highly Sensitive?”

  1. Avatar of Angelica

    Hmmm… I may be a bit of both. I am born under the zodiac cancer and the moon. I do use sage and ground myself. I like positive environments with an affectionate attitude because it’s comforting. I like relaxing alone and being with friends. I sometimes feel sympathetic pain, stress, and other emotions. I have a tendency to read people and give out hugs.

  2. Avatar of Jessica

    I have moon in Taurus conjunct IC – opposite a Venus/Mercury conjunction on Scorpio MC – Yea, it’s taken a lot of work to learn how to survive in this world as an Empath

  3. Avatar of TheShifter

    I am an emphatic person and I telling you from my own experience that I don’t feel worse when I speak with someone. I feel the pain in others but this pain it’s not hurting me. Please understand that this article its kind a wrong from all points of view. As an emphatic person when you speak with someone you just enter in hes body and you will see yourself trough hes eyes. You will feel and understand every word that person say . Each word spoken has behind a felling, fear or love. From fear and love derives many other feelings. Any way you must understand that every time when someone speaks with you wants something and hes feelings will tell you the true about what they want, even if they lie to you. Its easy to become an emphatic person , at first you start using your logic and always ask your self WHY and WHAT. Try to do this in a public place. Just sit down on a bench and be careful at humans behavior and ask your self why they act like they act. Why she dressed with this short dress and used a red lipstick. Why this guy carry this bag and its watching hes watch often? What is in hes bag? Why that guy is scratching hes nose? By using your logic and ask your self WHY and WHAT you will be able to understand a part of they behavior, please pay attention to every gesture made by this persons. But to truly understand why they act like this you must leave your body and practically you will enter in their body and then you will really understand everything that person feels. We all are emphatic persons and we all have psychic abilities but to discover all of this “superpowers” you must change your beliefs. Start believe that you able to do this, start believe that you ca be what ever you want to be. So if you believe that you will have psychic powers then you will have this powers.

  4. Avatar of Aqmy D. Fleiss

    I am definitely an HSP w/ traits of an Empath. People will usually tell me their deepest darkest secrets and I can feel their pain/relate on a deep level…My moon is in Aquarius.

  5. Avatar of Aqmy D. Fleiss

    I am definitely an HSP w/ traits of an Empath. People will usually tell me their deepest darkest secrets and I can feel their pain/relate on a deep level…My moon is in Aquarius.

  6. Avatar of Aqmy D. Fleiss

    I am definitely an HSP w/ traits of an Empath. People will usually tell me their deepest darkest secrets and I can feel their pain/relate on a deep level…My moon is in Aquarius.

  7. Avatar of Kiran Bais

    I have felt many times that whenever someone comes close to me that person starts telling me all their personal incidents devoid of me not even asking them. Infact with so many of my helpers, when they eat food made from my hand..their true nature comes forward and I get surprised. I dont know that connection what it is…maybe thats why my empath nature is there…whatever energy works. Many times because of that i get disturbed.:)

  8. Avatar of Shin Kwon

    if two souls are connected, they are never disconnected even when they are far apart from one another – shin kwon
    follow your heart and bring peace to mind – shin kwon
    satiate your wants by fulfilling your desires. only then will one truly be satisified. – shin kwon
    your reflections are mirrored in everything – shin kwon
    there is nothing wrong with having attachments that were placed there by your heart after having detached yourself from all tha things you were mentally attracted to – shin kwon
    find your passion. do what requires all of you. – shin kwon
    pushing tha envelope (To attempt to extend the current limits of performance. To innovate, or go beyond commonly accepted boundaries.). that’s all i’m doing – shin kwon
    our bodies transform our deepst pains into liquid. that is where tha pain leaves us, through tha eyes. – shin kwon
    people are not property. we are not things – shin kwon
    how does one imprison a person stealing bread because they are starving? is not starving a people a far greater crime? tha theft of peoples lives and livelihoods? – shin kwon
    mastery through repitition, because praqctice makes perfect – shin kwon
    time itself cannot heal wounds. love over time is what heals – shin kwon
    there are no accidents according to destiny/fate – shin kwon
    we spend more time and effort to kill people rather than to heal people. – shin kwon
    they will hate your truths and love their lies.- shin kwon
    every love is unique in it’s own vibrations. for love to be shared from one individual to another there must be a love connection – shin kwon
    do not set me on fire. i am already a burning eternal inferno. tha moment i fell in love my heart was set ablaze. it’s lit~! – shin kwon
    tha most uncommon thing about most human beings is tha lack of common sense – shin kwon
    love in essence is formless, which is why love can take all kinds of different forms, shapes, and sizes. – shin kwon
    such a sad devotion to an ancient religion. we have evolved since then. join us in tha present and stop living in tha past. – shin kwon
    there is only right. everything that happened is everything that you are, right now. it’s only wrong if you don’t love who you are – shin kwon
    tha only possession you can keep are your actions. everything else can be taken from you, so what really is yours? you and tha environment are one. for none can separate oneself from tha context in which they exist. – shin kwon
    there is no obligation. obligation is a feeling manifested by one’s own self such as guilt – shin kwon
    i write but writing is not my profession. i philosophize but philosophy is not my profession. all tha things i do i do out of love. i am a lover and i profess love. love is my only profession – shin kwon
    not everything is temporary. love is forever – shin kwon
    we spend more time and effort to kill people rather than to heal people. – shin kwon
    practice makes perfect, mastery through repitition – shin kwon
    be all purposeful. a jack of all trades and an ace of spades – shin kwon
    there are no accidents according to destiny – shin kwon
    time itself cannot heal wounds. love over time is what heals – shin kwon
    sometimes you have to feel a conversation because some people communicate how they feel without words. – shin kwon
    what is sanity? every thing and everyone is mental. what can anyone prove outside of your own mentalitiy? – shin kwon
    who this guy? who this guy?? i know this guy, but i don’t really know this guy. – shin kwon
    find tha source of who you are and there you will find tha center of everything – shin kwon
    some of tha pages in my story book are left blank for a reason. – shin kwon
    i consider myself an amateur professional in tha skills i have mastered – shin kwon
    when you’re an historian every month is black history month. historians tend to hold onto other people’s past – shin kwon
    if you don’t get right with your past, you’re future will seem like it’s heading in tha wrong direction. unifinished business ghost of tha past type shit – shin kwon
    live a life with meaning and you’ll be seen as a life worth mentioning. – shin kwon
    empathy is as close as anyone will get to a life experience without it having it actually happening to you – shin kwon
    some families have turned privilege into a birth right – shin kwon
    you may not remember exactly how it all went down, but i guarantee you’ll remember exactly how it made you feel – shin kwon
    confusion is your greatest teacher – shin kwon
    don’t just think. feel. ya feel me? – shin kwon
    if you don’t try you don’t know – shin kwon
    keyboard > pen > sword – shin kwon
    tha keyboard is greater than tha pen which is mighter than tha sword – shin kwon
    don’t just fucking say shit. prove it to me motherfucker. i will admit when i am wrong and thank you for correcting bravery leads to fearlessness – shin kwon
    sometimes someone’s silence is tha loudest thing you’ll ever hear – shin kwon
    enjoy life rather than criticize it, unless if that’s what you enjoy doing. being a hater. – shin kwon
    tha enlilghtened do not fall prey to victimhood – shin kwon
    your greatest work of art is you – shin kwon
    me. just because it was proven to you does not mean it was proven to me. i have higher standards than most for accepting something as truth or fact. – shin kwon
    how you react and feel about something is a choice. how you choose to respond to any situation or circumstance is entirely up to you – shin kwon
    tha beauty of our dark shadows are what makes our light so brilliant and illuminating – shin kwon
    shaking my head at all tha people who shake their heads – shin kwon
    tha world is changed by our perceptions and projections – shin kwon
    a person’s world is only as big as their imagination – shin kwon
    sin is a term made virtuous by those in power to make everyone else feel guilty about being alive – shin kwon
    to know what true love is, one must first truly love themselves – shin kwon
    tha beauty you see in everything is allowed to be seen by tha beauty held within – shin kwon
    to defeat tha beast one most take refuge within tha heart of tha monster – shin kwon
    tha world is changed by our perceptions and projections – shin kwon
    there is no outside purpose. you are tha only reason why – shin kwon
    foreplayful. foreplayfulness. – shin kwon (coined)
    time is precious to us. it is all we have. we pay attention to and spend time with who and what we think is worth out time. – shin kwon
    some people lead by example, but most people are examples of what not to do. – shin kwon
    i want to spend my anytime minutes on you and i don’t own a cell phone – shin kwon
    nothing scares me (double entendre) – shin kwon
    all things are just interpretations of tha universe – shin kwon
    love is positive. as long as you are in love, there is no negativity. – shin kwon
    she’s makes my heart stop, pop lock, and drop it like it’s hot – shin kwon
    my love for you is a forever endeavor – shin kwon
    we are only defined by others. to ourselves, there is no definition – shin kwon
    love is tha only drug. if you don’t love it, it doesn’t get you high – shin kwon
    it would be quite foolish to rush what you want to last forever – shin kwon
    play devil’s advocate with yourself. do counter research to your currently accepted core belief system to find out if you’re full of shit or not – shin kwon
    tha flesh is only a label to tha soul – shin kwon
    tha self is god (consciousness). tha ego is god in physical form – shin kwon

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