5 Superpowers People With Anxiety Have According To Science

5 Superpowers People With Anxiety Have According To Science

Are you one of those people with an anxiety disorder? Did you know that people with anxiety are believed to have superpowers?

Science suggests people with anxiety disorder have these 5 superpowers.

Let’s find out:

‘Anxiety Disorder’:

It isn’t unnatural to panic about a thing we have done or things we are about to do. We all feel that unstoppable ticking of the clock as if it’s permanently fitted to our mind. It gets on our nerves, makes us anxious.

Anxiety is something we experience always while doing one thing or the other. It’s something we all live with. While we can’t reject the fact that anxiety is bothersome at times, you will be happy to know that having anxiety means we are blessed with superpowers. Want to know what are they?

We have made a list of 5 special powers that a person with Anxiety Disorder has. Let’s check them out.

(1) It helps you detect dangers first and is actually a life-saver.

The reason is that of the Anxiety Disorder you have. People with Anxiety Disorder are more aware of the danger lurking around them.

They are more cautious and tend to pick up any negative sign which might give an inkling of trouble.

In a study published in the European Journal of Psychology, it was found that people who had a higher level of anxiety were the ones to receive any sign or signal of danger and were the first ones to react to them. So, this, in fact, is actually good for you and having you around keep your peers safe.

(2) It helps you see through the lies:

You are always anxious about things. No matter how much people try to convince you and sugar-coat you, you are not going to buy them because you are always anxious about protecting yourself and your near and dear ones from others.

You are careful and observant which helps you see through the lies. If you find one thing uncanny or not matching the things said or events happened, you will be the first one to detect the lie.

It might cost you a lot of courage to spill the beans and this is where you need to focus on. It’s good that you can’t be cheated upon too.

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(3) It guides you in understanding the vibrations of others:

Last year, your friend introduced you to her fiance and you were absolutely not comfortable with him.

Your friend could clearly see that and even though she knows that you can sense the energy of others, she with her blind love accused you of being too anxious.

Later on, you were the one to be there with her when she found him cheating on her while draining most of her savings on the excuse of sustaining his business.

People with anxiety disorders can understand the vibrations of the people around them. They can easily identify the positive and negative frequencies and can become aware of the intentions of these people.

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    I am a highly anxious person and I confirm all the point mentioned in this article. while a lot of people get annoyed by our nature, it’s good to see that someone know it’s worth

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