Anger Issues: How To Understand, Channel and Transform Your Passion

 July 12, 2017

Don’t try to hide inside anger, a radiance that cannot be hidden.
~ Rumi (The Essential Rumi)

We’ve all at some time in our lives felt anger ignite within us with a fiery intensity. This feeling surges through our veins in an intoxicating way, yet we also know that it can get us into a lot of trouble.

When we were young, not much effort was put into teaching us how to express our feelings or learning how to relate with others on an empathetic level. Instead, we put great importance in learning algebra and history, but when it came to understanding our own inner emotions, we were left up to our own instincts to “figure it all out.”

With such a defective approach to emotion, it’s no wonder that we collectively perceive emotions such as anger in a negative light. In fact, anger is so feared that as a society we tend to hide it away or reserve it for “acceptable” places such as sports matches or music concerts.

But the greater our fear of facing or expressing anger is, the more we tend to repress it. And when anger is repressed, it tends to surface through other channels leading to problems such as passive aggression, indirect hostility, self-hatred, psychosomatic physical ailments, and even psychotic breakdowns.


There are two types of anger:

Anger that is channeled in a healthy way, and anger that is channeled in an unhealthy way. In other words, we can either mistreat anger or honor it for the messages it is bringing us in the moment.

Although we might fear or condemn anger, anger itself is not the issue. Anger is a life force within us, it is our volition manifesting itself in the rawest way it knows how. Anger is only real energy that has been provoked. Only when we learn how to turn this energy into personal power can we mature as individuals.

When anger is channeled in unhealthy ways it becomes a corrosive emotion, tainting anything in its proximity. Unacknowledged anger can also lie at the root of Soul Loss. In other words, when anger is suppressed for too long, it can numb your insides so that you lose touch with your vital core essence. Eventually, through time, you grow unaware that the source of your never-ending unhappiness is your unexplored anger from ages past.

Unfortunately, in our society, it seems that anger is so feared, avoided and repressed, that it often leads not only to soul loss but too violent acts of repression. Rage and crimes of passion are only really the result of a blocked inner volcano that has been buried beneath the ground, or conscious mind, too long.

Take a moment to consider how anger drives your behavior. Does it make you explode at your spouse or children? Does it compromise your closest friendships and relationships, or turn you into a person you hate? Perhaps your anger even fuels addictions or prejudice against others.

For others, anger is turned into the more acceptable form of workaholism. And for some, anger is taken out on fellow employees or pets. Anger can even be channeled in a passive-aggressive way by using silent treatment or offering insincere love in a relationship.

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