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An Empath’s Journey Home

empaths journey

When Tracie first contacted me back in December 2017, her energy felt weak and battered, very unsure of who she was and clouded by negative feelings that were not her own.  She felt lost and disconnected to her true self. 

In her contact letter to me she wrote:

I have just listened to the interview you did with George Kavassilas from his website.   You started the conversation with saying how important it is to understand the scenario you are born into. I have done much self-work, feels like a lifetimes worth yet the residue of this scenario still lingers.

It’s an interesting scenario of my Mum not being able to love me for the first 6 months of my life. I am a twin and my sister was born 5 minutes before me and Mum always wanted a girl, due to her need to give a girl everything she never had as a child, healing her own abuse in her childhood. I have so much honour and love for my Mum, always have done. With losing her four years ago, my healing would have been her healing also.  She was an empath too, she didn’t understand herself to be one yet I would tell her she was. We walked a beautiful journey together, I hold no resentments yet can still to this day be affected by my childhood.

I have two older brothers as well as a twin sister. The love my Mum was unable to show shaped the family dynamics. I am not a victim nor a martyr here, just that the pain still lingers in many ways. I would love to book a session with you. I need to truly let go so I can be who I am. Thank you Robyn, that was a really beautiful interview with George. Real conversation

In our first few sessions, Tracie and I discussed her childhood and she was able to truly express her feelings and fears.  I also taught Tracie tools to assist her in being an Empath, we talked about the different types of Empaths to enable Tracie to be clear about her gifts. I helped her to understand the energy of her emotions and how they affected her vibration along with the vast importance of self-care as an Empath.

At session number 5 we started the Inner Work where I took Tracie through a Rebirthing Process where she was able to witness her own birth scenario.  This was very empowering for Tracie because she was able to pick up the missing pieces from her memory of the time. 

While taking Tracie through the Rebirthing Process, she discovered that she chose her Mother because of unfinished business, for a direct experience of a soul split and needing to know the light.  She choose her Father for his genes and genetics, bone (carbon structure), showing her the masculine, density of the world and understanding masculinity.  Tracie chose to be born in the UK because of the darkness of the land, as she was to bring light to the darkness.

Tracie learnt that her birth scenario was designed to give her knowledge of her sister going first, heard her sister screaming after she was born, felt an emotional boom boom sound coming from her Mum.  Trace felt her father’s emotions of how special and amazing it was to have twins.  She could see the birthing room as being dark and cold.  Tracie got that’s properly why she doesn’t like the cold.  Tracie could feel her Mum was out of her body, felt her tiredness and could feel her Mum’s fear, lots of fear and thoughts of ‘how would I cope’.

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The next day Tracie sent me the following:

There’s so much to this experience that I had to just get it down.  Tuesday was amazing, with what I got while speaking with you on the phone was for me, lots of information about my birth and after we spoke lots kept on coming. I think I must have only been around 3or 4 months old when the times were shown with myself in the cot. When my sister was never there, more feelings came about this. In the womb I knew I was growing with my sister. I knew that I wasn’t alone, but when we were born, she was hardly at my side anymore. I missed my sister as a baby, being so close in the womb and then to be born where I would miss her being around. I feel these are the first moments of loneliness and separation I was to feel about this world. I do not feel in anyway a victim here, rather it’s empowering to know. It’s very relevant to the world in which we live in and I was to experience such feelings from birth.

**After witnessing her birth I asked Tracie to allow her Higher Self, on the way back to the present, if there were any other moments that she needed to look at:

More came to me about my brother. That I was picked up by my Mum to be fed and cleaned and just the practical things, and those first months most of the time was spent in the cot, in the bedroom upstairs. My brother hitting me over the head with his toy, I remembered the first shock of that, where I just screwed my face up as a baby and went to rub my head with the backs of my palms. I have been giving myself love during these moments and the self-love that remains is an energy that emits from me. When you speak of no protection or shields but rather a change in our frequency that helps us, this to me was that change in frequency. We live in a dense world and the love that emits in frequency kind of matches that density and goes beyond it, it is so huge.

The feelings of my brother hitting me over the head like that. I get why he is there, so I can heal parts of myself and the experience. I felt repressed anger, and it hit me like a shard in my stomach moving through to my heart. It’s a feeling like drowning and not being able to get air. I played dead a few times in my childhood, exhausted from his beatings, so there are major reasons why he’s come up. I never knew what I did wrong and Mum could not control him and I have scars, physical as well as emotional.

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