Journey Inwards

Journey Inwards

We travel!
Some of us forever to seek other places,
other lives,
other souls always try to connect,
seek to synchronize, look for good vibes,
but the decisive journey is off-road.
Both the journeys are parallel,
Happening simultaneously,
and do you know,
some journeys never end
and the longest and purest journey
is inwards.

-Anand Singh

    Do Not Wander

    Do Not Wander

    Don’t be depressed
    it’s just a matter of fact,
    let the positivity
    outweigh the negativity.
    Take a pause
    for a better cause,
    trust the process.
    Believe in the journey.
    The real fight is between
    what you want
    and what you need.
    Why are you in doubt?
    What’s the dilemma?
    Heart has answer
    to every question
    your mind is looking for.
    Just don’t wander.

    -Anand Singh

      What All You Can See?

      What All You Can See?

      Walk with me through this unending journey
      And tell me, my friend, what all you can see?
      Is it that tender touch of flowering and decay?
      Or incessant showers of summer days
      It might be about the seamless rise and fall of the tides
      That loosens you a little with all good vibes
      Or do you often dream of the yellowing willows?
      That winter skies and through the grey chimneys, smoke that billows
      Is it something about that sweet tweets and fragrant air?
      All with the spells of the shadows goes dark, dead and disappear
      Or do you never think of those long, lonely and loveless nights
      Sinking you until blessed with the warmth of another daylight.

      – By Arun Bahadur Gurung

        Journey of Life

        Journey of Life

        Journey of Life … 

        You don’t need everything for every journey!

        Some journeys are to be boarded light,

        So that you can sail far to search what you need.

        At times heavy items sink your ship…


        It’s a difficult journey you have to hit through phases of life all ALONE.

        So,buckle up and feed your mind and body well.

        Noone’s gonna do it for you,many will mock and accompany will few,sorry very few!

        Take the journey: It’s worth it !

        Today’s yearly update was a pleasant discovery of myself.

        I changed and adapted greater behaviors after really digging deep into myself. Not that I was a horrible person; but because the woman in me deserved to grow. There will be a few moments in our lives where we literally are forced to P A U S E. And truly discover oneself again. No matter how well you think you may “know yourself” there is always room for growth. In that you’ll find another discovery of the new person you have become since your last “pause”.. |mindsets are created by repetitive behaviors : which can often result in unconsciously storing negative actions. •••••••

        I placed the mirror in front of me— instead of trying to blame another human for the manifestations of my life.
        This was my best action of 2017.

        Take the Journey: It’s worth it.


        Do We Need A Goal?

        Do We Need A Goal

        Do we need a goal?

        A goal gives direction to life, that’s what people say. It gives  meaning to life. It gives purpose to life. That’s what people say.Just like me many of us have goals. One fine morning I woke up wondering why am I striving so much to achieve my goal, the answer is simple because it is my goal. Hence, another questions arose why I made this goal, do I really need it, will my life be meaningless if I don’t have it, is it taking away my happiness etc.

        It is when I had set a goal, i had chosen a path for myself consciously or unconsciously. The journey has taught me a lot, the lessons that i wouldn’t have otherwise learnt. The same journey has made me stronger and revealed things about myself and others that were not known. It is good to have a goal as longs as your happiness is not conditioned to it. It is good to have a goal as long as you are not obsessed with it.


        My goal driven journey has given me a chance to meet new people, to see the world outside the 8 mile radius that i was living in, to live alone, to examine life, to grow, to know the friends and the enemies. My goal has set me on journey whose destination is unknown. It is my goal that has made me fearless. I have lost a lot of people and myself in this pursuit of goal but i must go forward. Despite the sleepless nights, restlesness, sadness, losses i must go forward because you never know god has in store for me. I must wait for things to fall in place.


        It’s worth all the pain and sacrifice. It is the journey that is more important than destination. I don’t know whether it has given direction, meaning or purpose to my life but it has surely made my life different, exciting and worth living. But i don’t think not having a goal makes one’s life meaningless. A life always has meaning. I haven’t achived my goal and i don’t know whether i will or not but still i am moving ahead. We don’t need a goal to live but it’s good if you have it.


        As the atharva veda says, “Do not be led by others, awake your mind, amass your own experience and decide for yourself your own path”. The path won’t be easy but it is said that at times the road to fulfilment is the path of more resistance. And when you embark on this journey, do not forget to be guided by the almighty as somebody has rightly said “God’s plan not mine, god’s will not mine, god’s timing not mine, god’s glory not mine”

        I’m waiting for my train

        I'm waiting for my train

        I’m in station,

        Waiting for my train to arrive,

        As I look around,

        I saw people in a race to survive,

        As I am waiting,

        I saw dead souls and body alive.

        Unaware of time remaining for my train,

        Now I’m tired, unable to endure my pain,

        I don’t know where my destination leads me,

        Time has come for the journey to be free.

        The Most Important Relationship We Can All Have

        The Most Important Relationship We Can All Have Is The One You Have With Yourself

        The most important relationship we can all have is the one you have with yourself,
        the most important journey you can take is one of self-discovery.
        To know yourself, you must spend time with yourself,
        you must not be afraid to be alone.
        Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.




        Life is –A simile of a Train Journey — Having Two terminals — ‘The Start’ and ‘The End’ ;

        On-boarding starts with,“Our CryAndPeople’s Rejoice”- A Symbol of New Life!

        And;Conclusion happens with  — The cry of our ‘Near and Dear’ Ones,Our role is to remain silent — stand still!

        These are:The Front Page & Last Page of Our Story!We create the pages in-between !!

        During the journey,Many change-over happens;We meet numerous people;Relation thus starts getting built-up !

        Each relation has its own frequency,With own vibration, colour and fragrance — Some are sweet and mild,Some are loud and profound.And, some are subtle, yet have ever lasting presence !They don’t contradict, if we care for them.

        We name two of them as our ‘Parents’;To some, as ‘Relatives’;To some, as ’Friends’;To someone special, as ‘Our Companion for Life’!!Some are Peers,And, with some, we cross our paths!!

        At times, our paths get intertwined;While, at some other time, our paths get diverged;At times, they converge again;

        Everything is relative in this earthy world.Even two parallel lines are also seemingly converging — A sight from far away, — An indication to ‘Bigger Picture’ !

        True beauty of our life,Lies in Convergence!Divergence is the means to Converge again !!

        The Journey Home

        Touch my soul,
        Be the guardian
        Of my spirit,
        The sunrise
        And sunset
        Of my day.
        Be the Swallow
        That returns,
        That is 
        Eternal spring,
        The reason
        That is,
        My journey home.

        Rising Against the Lies of Depression: A Battle Tested Plan

        Rising Against the Lies of Depression: A Battle Tested Plan

        As all the gravity of the world seems to be pressing down an invisible, yet unbearably heavy malaise on your body, and you lie there stuck, and feeling utterly alone – please remember there is a way out of that dark place, even if you can’t see or feel it from where you are.


        I have a Diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder. So I have had my battles with Major Depressive episodes, three to be exact. I am currently in my ‘Third Episode’ after an unfortunate and terribly painful, yet unremarkable tragedy. This is the longest episode I’ve experienced, but I’m unafraid, though I’m much weaker. After each episode I found myself surrendering my pains and learning as much as I could through each process. I realized that surrendering does not mean giving up and because of my decision to surrender- I have become stronger and wiser each time.


        I’m beginning a gradual consistency of healthy activities currently, and each step I take towards my health feels like a simultaneous step towards my dreams. However, it still must be said that it is a real life-threatening battle and having lived to see the end of two painful episodes; I can attest, as a student of life, and survivor, that self-love and self-care are number one priorities for those living with this or any similar depressive condition. 


        A diagnosis doesn’t mean you can’t choose to make your life what you want it to be. It simply means, you must take care of yourself, and while you may be prone to depressive episodes, you can prepare yourself against the attacks on your mind and spirit by becoming knowledgeable, informed, and connected.  We are not alone, and definitely not without support. An important component of life preparedness is building and maintaining a strong support system.


        Here are FIVE ways I’ve learned, put into practice, and lived, in order to RISE again during and after an episode of Major Depression. One Rule – NEVER, EVER, GIVE UP ON YOU.

        1.     Remember who you were when you were a young child, adolescent, or teen. Try to recall the general way you felt about life; if you were scared, or if you were confident, and why. Write these feelings down in a journal if you can. Then Promise yourself that YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU. You can also place a picture of your younger self in a place you can be discreetly mindful of that promise to take care of YOU. Practice this everyday.


        2.     Know that you are going to come out of the episode regardless of the path – you decided when you promised to take care of YOURSELF. In any plan, you must know what you want to do and why you want to do it. Choose someone you love and care for deeply, if you happen to be one who doesn’t believe in your personal worthiness at this time. This is not something to be ashamed of, it’s a part of the battlefield. Your worthiness can never cease to exist, just as all energy merely transforms, yet remains a part of the whole – “we are stardust”. These intrusive and negative thoughts are the battle, they are the many lies of depression, and you can protect yourself through knowledge, practice, and growth. (Reading ‘The Mighty’ blogs is definitely a good indicator that you are trying to heal.)


        3.     Find your voice and begin to take action. Somewhere along the path, we lose little pieces of ourselves, and think it isn’t worth it to pick the pieces back up.This is an example of how corrosive the lies of depression can be in one’s life. Your voice and actions matter because therein lies all of your personal power. Practice talking to others; a counselor, a trusted family member, or friend, and step by step work towards your goals and inevitable vitality.


        4.     Practice discernment when taking in information. What is true and what is untrue? This is in regards to what we tell ourselves and what others may communicate to us. Counter all information you take in from others through research, or medical professionals. Learn about your condition as much as possible, verify sources, and most importantly, trust your instincts.


        5.     Practice courage every day. Learn to stand up for yourself and learn what it is that you stand for and take that stance. Remember it’s a journey, but one worth taking. If your plans fall through, try again. If they fall through again, change your approach, and try again. Do this until you find what works. 

        Final thoughts: Though the road is uphill, and you may feel weak, try with all your might to practice thinking “strength”. We are what we think. You will make it through anything you decide to, but don’t ‘only’ escape – inspire. This journey is a personal testament of strength, character, and love.