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Why All Of Your Suffering Was Totally Worth It

Why All Of Your Suffering Was Totally Worth It

Sometimes, all your suffering in life leads you to a brighter, and better future. It helps you to become the most authentic version of yourself.

Sometimes we hold on to our suffering for a longer time. No matter what you have gone through; in the end, you emerge to be more compassionate, more resilient as a person.

I’ve been through a lot in my lifetime. You’ve probably been through a lot of challenging things too. That’s just the nature of being a human being who has lived for more than a few years.

Life is messy. None of us get through unscathed. We all collect wounds and scar tissue throughout our lives, be they physical or emotional.

In the first 25 years of my life, I was bullied, the heart was broken, and spent years in unhealthy relationships. I had panic attacks. I tried to kill myself. I experienced bouts of depression, erectile dysfunction, and phases of sexual compulsivity.

Things didn’t just happen to me. I also did things that I wasn’t proud of.

I broke a lot of hearts, made bad choices, suppressed my emotions, and lived out of integrity for years of my life.

And yet, I wouldn’t take any of it back. Not for a single second. Because all of those experiences made me who I am today. More on this soon, but first, a metaphor for life that I absolutely adore.

The Most Valuable Metaphor For Life Ever

Imagine that, when you are born, your life is a large, empty room.

And every single day, square building blocks miraculously drop down from the sky and get stacked in the exact same place, for all of your days on earth.

Why All Of Your Suffering Was Totally Worth It

These building blocks represent the experiences that you go through. Regardless of whether you label them as positive or negative experiences, they are simply experiences. And those experiences keep coming at you, whether you feel ready for them or not.

While the experiences keep coming, early on in life, the foundation isn’t very solid. In fact, it’s just a single, straight pillar, with the surface area of one building block.

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Every few years, a large earthquake happens and the building blocks come tumbling down in a big messy heap.

Why All Of Your Suffering Was Totally Worth It

In practical/real-world terms, this earthquake could be a devastating breakup, the loss of a family member, or sexual/emotional/physical abuse in a relationship. These earthquakes are often some event that shakes you to your core and causes deep pain, sadness, shame, or grief.

It can feel alarming to go from having been ten building blocks high, to now feeling like you’re starting over from nothing. Your building blocks have scattered and you may feel like you’re back to square one. Which, in a way, you are.

And yet, the building blocks keep descending from the sky, just as they always have. They never stop. And they keep being placed in the exact same spot.

This pattern carries on. The building blocks stack themselves in one place, and infrequent earthquakes keep happening over the course of your lifetime.

Over time, the foundation of the building blocks becomes higher and higher. And you don’t feel each earthquake as much as you used to.

Why All Of Your Suffering Was Totally Worth It

This isn’t to say that you don’t feel them at all. You absolutely do. You still feel the earthquakes when you’ve been through ten of them, just as you continue to feel the grief of your close friends dying even if you’ve already known other friends and family members who have passed away previously.

You don’t become numb to the earthquakes, you just feel stronger and more resilient because your foundation is increasingly wide.

Your Suffering

And yet, over time, it gets easier to deal with because you become more resilient. You can say with confidence “I have felt a pain like this before, and it didn’t break me… so I will get through this as well.”

All Of Your Suffering Was Worth It

No matter what you have been through, it has made you who you are today.

It has made you stronger, more resilient, and more able to be a pillar of support for others that you cross paths with.

For so many years of my life, I thought that life was just happening to me. I thought that all of my sufferings were unnecessary… that the pain I was experiencing was just life being cruel.

I eventually came to realize that life wasn’t happening to me, it was happening for me.

We can only ever experience true compassion and deep empathy when we have been through something similar to the person we are being an emotional support too. And with each life experience that I went through, I was then that much more able to be a supportive healer for every person who was currently suffering in a way similar to what I had gone through. I was able to move from “That sounds awful” to “I’ve been there. I get it. It’s absolutely the worst.” and have it mean that much more.

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