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Adulthood Can Be Tough, But You Are Tougher

Adulthood Can Be Tough, But You Are Tougher

Being an adult seems like a moment we’ve been waiting for since childhood as we thought being an adult means doing whatever we want to do and making our dreams come true. Although adulthood can be fun sometimes, it’s definitely not sunshine and rainbows all the time. 

The first few steps towards your future can be exciting and also terrifying, but you can do this.

I want you to remember:

1. It’s okay to be nervous 

Stepping into adulthood can be full of daunting moments. Whether it’s related to work, study, or social connections, there are many things to consider and a lot of decisions have to be made. It’s OK to be nervous. We tend to get nervous about the things we consider important.  Because deep inside we realize this moment of our life matters and with every step that you take you’ll learn and grow.

2. Heads up, step forward  

It could feel like you’re on the edge of a cliff. A whole life awaits right in front of you. One step ahead and you are on your way. If you ever feel this way, I want you to remember this: Some people take a huge leap… Some people take small baby steps. Stay focused, take your own steps and move forward. Because the reality is time never stops and life goes on. So, no more turning back, no more waiting for the perfect moment, because this is your moment. Take this as a sign to shine.

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3. Find your voice 

Let’s imagine if the universe is a symphony… Each and every one of us living beings has our own voice to fill the spaces, completing one another to make a lovely harmony. It would never be the same if you’re not here. We need you to sing your part. We need you to be the wonderful being that you are. In every way possible, be you. 

4. Things might go wrong

Vision board, yearly planner, bullet journal… There’s a lot of ways you can do to map your future. Yet sometimes things might still go wrong. Your plans might not go as well as you wanted. Your day might not be as perfect as you pictured it to be. I know, it can be difficult to stay hopeful in hard times… but what if the universe has so much for you in the future. Sometimes things happen to guide you into your path, to help you grow. Sometimes you just have to do your best and trust the process.

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5. At moments it will be tough

There might be moments when you feel like it’s a struggle. When that moment comes, I want you to remember… Never feel ashamed of your struggles. Even if some days it might feel like you’re alone, know that you’re not the only one struggling. I promise you, everyone’s working on their own struggles in their own way and in their own time, even when it seems like a breeze from the outside.

6. Have some rest

With everything that you do, it can be easy to lose sight of how your physical and mental health is doing. Listen to your mind and body, always keep in check on how you’re doing and feeling. Whatever’s going on in your life, it’s important to take care of yourself first. When there’s too much going on, make space and time to have some rest until you feel much better.

7. Believe in yourself

There might be days that make you feel like you want to give up and those days could sometimes be dark. For those days, I wish you will have the light to really believe that even though it may feel difficult right now, it will get better. I couldn’t show you when and how, but it will get better.  Please, never stop believing in yourself. Whatever happens in your way, you have the power to react and do what feels best for you.

Your childhood dream was right after all… Adulthood truly is a process worth waiting for.

It’s full of ups and downs. It’s full of surprises. Best of all, it will be so fulfilling to be able to keep on going and growing with every part of it. For that reason, I want to let you know…

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I’m proud of you. For the struggles, you have gone through and for the challenges, you would conquer ahead. I am very proud of you.

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Naomi Karsudjono

Born in a rural village within a forest in Sumatera, Now resides in Banjarbaru, Indonesia, Naomi lives a simple life with my family. She enjoys painting, gardening, and sewing in the morning. Later in the night she pours my heart in words and share them with the world.View Author posts

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