Born in a rural village within a forest in Sumatera, and now recides in a small town in Borneo, Indonesia, I live a simple life with my family. I enjoy painting, gardening, and sewing in the morning. Later in the night I pour my heart in words and share them with the world.

Adulthood Can Be Tough, But You Are Tougher

Adulthood Can Be Tough, But You Are Tougher Although adulthood can be fun sometimes, it's definitely not sunshine and rainbows all the time.

Let Them Go

Because even though you're far apart, you can still love them in your heart. I know you can do this, It's okay, let them go...

We Kept A Memory in Every Corner of Life

I used to think we hold on to memories deep within our mind... little did I know, we hold so much more We kept a memory in the sparkly sky Of...