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17 Signs You’re An Old Soul

Signs Old Soul

“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?” – Satchel Paige

There is a special kind of person in our world who finds herself alone and isolated, almost since birth.

Her solitary existence isn’t from a preference or an antisocial temperament – she is simply old. Old in heart, old in mind, and old in soul, this person is an old soul who finds her outlook on life vastly different and more mature than those around her. As a result, the old soul lives her life internally, walking her own solitary path while the rest around her flock to follow another.

Perhaps you’ve experienced this in your own life, or have witnessed it in another person? If so, this article is dedicated to you, in hopes that you will come to define yourself or understand another better.

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What is an Old Soul?

Quite simply, an Old Soul is a person who feels much older than their age reflects. This feeling is often accompanied by the gift of empathy, high intelligence, intuition, and keen insight into the human condition.

Old Souls are often outsiders looking in, they feel as though they don’t “belong” in this world, or this period of time. As a result, most Old Souls long for a sense of true meaning, purpose, and inner fulfillment that money, power, and success can’t achieve. This longing is often described as the thirst to “return back home.”

There are two major types of Old Souls: those that are born with the sensation of being “different,” and those who “grow into” becoming Old Souls through the process of spiritual awakening. We’ll explore Old Souls and spiritual awakening more a little later.

17 Signs You’re An Old Soul

Robert Frost, Eckhart Tolle, Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey, and even Nick Jonas have been called Old Souls. Perhaps even you have?

If you have not yet discovered whether you’re an Old Soul, read some of the revealing signs below:

1. You tend to be a lone wolf.

Because Old Souls are disinterested in the pursuits and interests of the people in their age groups, they find it dissatisfying to make friends with people they find hard to relate to. This sense of alienation is one of the major problems Old Souls experience.

The result is that Old Souls tend to find themselves alone a lot of the time. They struggle to connect deeply with others because most other people don’t have the same interests or values as them.

2. You love knowledge, wisdom, and truth.

This might seem a little highbrow, but the Old Soul finds herself naturally gravitating towards the intellectual side of life. Old Souls inherently understand that knowledge is power, wisdom is happiness, and the truth is freedom, so why not seek after those things?

These pursuits are more meaningful to them than reading up on the latest gossip about the Kardashians or the latest football scores.

3. You’re spiritually inclined.

Old Souls tend to have sensitive and spiritual natures. Experiencing a spiritual awakening, overcoming the confines of the ego, seeking enlightenment and self-realization, and fostering love and peace are often at the core of the Old Soul’s ultimate quest in life.

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4. You understand the transience of life.

Old Souls are frequently plagued with reminders of their own mortality and that of everything and everyone around them. In fact, it’s not uncommon for the old soul to have multiple existential crises throughout life, especially during difficult situations that highlight the impermanence of existence.

Being very perceptive and sensitive toward the reality of death, old souls choose to live their lives differently. Every decision counts.

5. You’re thoughtful and introspective.

Old Souls tend to think a lot … about everything. It’s crucial for an old soul to get enough space and time to reflect, introspect, and develop more self-awareness. This natural tendency toward rumination helps them to quickly learn from their actions and understand the people and environments around them.

Many Old Souls practice a natural form of shadow work in which they are constantly reflecting on how they could do better, prevent their issues from getting bigger, and create more inner harmony.

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