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7 Perks and Pleasures of Being An Old Soul

Perks Being Old Soul

Old souls are special people because they see the world in a different way than others. Being an old soul, I can attest to that. When you are an old soul, you are not unsocial or only like to spend time alone, as most people tend to believe. You are simply old – in your mind, body, and soul. Many times you feel that you belong to the wrong generation, and at the wrong time because your way of seeing the world is immensely different from the people around you.

You are one of those people who do not experience life like most others; you always have your own unique take on things, and your take doesn’t always sit well with the majority. Being an old soul, you have never believed in herd mentality. You do what makes you happy. You do what makes your soul happy, and your heart sing with happiness.

It is no surprise that you seem to find peace and solace within yourself rather than the people you are surrounded with. No wonder you are not intrigued or interested in knowing what makes the rest excited; you have your own beautiful world, and you thrive there.

When you have an outlook that is so different from others, it can lead you to feel alienated at times, unless you come across another old soul who shares the same feelings and perspectives as you. Only a fellow old soul will be able to understand your thoughts, and feelings about the world and its people. However, being an old soul is not at all a bad thing or something to be ashamed about. Sometimes, old souls are the ones who end up feeling the most fulfilled.

Here Are 7 Perks And Pleasures Of Being An Old Soul

1. Alone time is beautiful.

Old souls are never interested in doing something just because everyone else is doing it, and they dislike it when they are forced to do something they don’t want to do. Being an old soul, when you do not relate to a person, you struggle to have a good time with them. You would rather spend time with yourself, and indulge in things that make you feel happy and content.

You are not antisocial nor do you have a lack of friends, you are simply someone who gets exhausted by superficial friendships and doing things just for the sake of it.

being an old soul
7 Perks and Pleasures of Being An Old Soul

2. Spirituality comes naturally.

Old souls have a more sensitive personality and have a deeply spiritual side to themselves. They are spiritually awakened human beings who find it easier to deal with things such as winning over your ego and achieving enlightenment, compared to people who are not spiritual. Spirituality is an integral part of their lives.

When you see an old soul, you will notice that they are mature beyond their years, and are peace-loving people, who always believe in building meaningful connections, and deep friendships.

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3. An innate love for truth and knowledge.

When you are an old soul, you will naturally feel inclined towards the intellectual side of life. Even though you might not innately possess wisdom in yourself, you will always be drawn towards gaining knowledge for your gratification, and along the way, you will also gain a more educated and accurate way of looking at life.

For example, understanding the theory of attraction would seem more appealing to you than reading the current edition of some popular gossip magazine that has all the spicy secrets of everyone’s — supposedly — private lives.

4. Having a universal outlook on life.

Old souls are more likely to be reminded of the implications of impermanence and the vulnerability of life, which turns them into pessimists at times. They give in to thinking about the unknown so much, it makes them feel negative at times, after which they withdraw into their shells. Being an old soul can be an overwhelming experience at times.

But this is not always a bad thing for them. Being a pessimist at times helps them see life as it is, and also helps them be decisive. They can smartly control the path of their lives and always look for happiness in small things, and the things that actually matter.

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