The 8 Types Of Women Guys Must Avoid


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8 Types Of Women Guys Must Avoid

Sometimes, women don’t actively choose to be single and alone, and that can make them worried and stressed. If you think about the problem more deeply, maybe you’ll find out that you’re still single because you’re one of the eight types of women guys avoid.

While most of us feel that we are unsuccessful in the world of dating because of our imperfect body and uncool wardrobe- let me tell you that all of those external things are secondary to men. The real problem lies in the personality of a woman. It may sound harsh, nonetheless, it’s a true fact.

Now, don’t take this personally- consider this article an example of gender equality- because we have written about things in men women hate, many times before! 

A gentle reminder- if you identify yourself as one of these eight types of women guys avoid, described below- fret not. We aren’t implying that you’ll be alone for the rest of your life. Consider them to be red flags that repel the other half of the population, and with the tips given below, we hope you’ll be more aware of the problem.

8. The Hater of Men

Why she’s avoided: She’s has a harsh behavior towards the opposite gender, often wounding men with her abrasive judgment. She finds flaws in almost every kind of man. If he’s confident, she labels it as cockiness. If he likes to crack jokes, she sees him as a walking cheeseball. If he sports a casual style with an untucked shirt, she perceives him to be a disheveled slob who must be avoided.

What can you do if you are this woman: Usually, this hatefulness towards men comes from past issues. Probably a man wronged you and broke your heart. But that one man doesn’t represent all men, so cool your anger. Try to understand the source of these feelings and change your behavior towards men.

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7. The Bunny-boiler

Why she’s avoided: Bunny boiler is a term that is used with reference to the 1987 film Fatal Attraction, where the rejected woman, Glenn Close, boils her lover’s pet rabbit. It represents a woman who acts full-blown crazy when spurned by her man. She’s the lady who seems like a devotional lover at first, but she’s actually the obsessive lover, who’s obsessed to the point of engaging in mad, vengeful acts.

What can you do if you are this woman: Calm yourself down. Get a hold on your revengeful thoughts. You can’t control everything happening in your life. Every woman has been with a man at least once in her life who isn’t that into her, and takes her casually, despite her efforts. It’s okay, you can’t control it. Just don’t boil the poor bunny!

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6. The Princess

Why she’s avoided: Looks-wise, she’s quite the stunner that most men would love to romance. But once you try to go beneath the attractive exterior, you’ll be repelled by her constant need for drama and pampering. She’s high maintenance and enjoys being worshiped like royalty. But when it comes to returning the gesture, she doesn’t consider it necessary at all.

What can you do if you are this woman: No doubt that you’ll find a man to be your prince charming (read: servant) because many men want to land a hot girl. But don’t complain when he discards you like an object and goes to a newer and hotter model. So just wait for that man, or start working towards being a nicer human being in your relationship.

5. The Blabbermouth

Why she’s avoided: Most guys dislike nothing more than their girlfriend gossiping about every detail of the relationship, including the intimate times, to her girl gang. Call them insecure, but they simply despise the giggles, knowing smiles and whisperings that he faces when he meets her friends.

What can you do if you are this woman: We get it, you love sharing the joys of your love life with your girlfriends, it’s only human to enjoy it. But understand when to exert discretion. Would you like it if your guy blabs to his friends about your personal moments with him? Wouldn’t you feel exposed? Men are no different in this matter.

4. The Trophy Girlfriend

Why she’s avoided: She craves to be the trophy girlfriend who expects all kinds of comforts in the relationship but doesn’t have much to give back. The boyfriend finds himself always paying the bills while all she does is have a good time, be it a dinner date or her beauty regimes at the salon. Once the courtship period is over, and this behavior still continues, you know that she’s a definite gold digger!

What can you do if you are this woman: It’s high time that you become self-sufficient, get a job if you don’t have one. Just on the basis of your good looks, you can’t expect a man to look after you forever. It’s evident that you suck at taking care of yourself, but to earn his respect you need to stand on your own feet.

3. The Emotionally Dependent

Why she’s avoided: She’s insecure, overly emotional, and needs frequent reassurance from her boyfriend. This girl always feels the need to share everything she’s going through, no matter how petty the matter is, and constantly looks for validation on the relationship status, which translates to incessant phone calls, texts, and mushy behavior 24/7. The result- he ends up feeling claustrophobic.

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What can you do if you are this woman: Give him a breather- your guy is an individual first, and needs some space. Start feeling more confident about the relationship. Constant reassurance proves nothing. If he really cares for you, then you will just know it.

2. The Over-thinker

Why she’s avoided: She’s constantly bombarding her mind with unnecessary questions like: Why did he call his colleague nice? What did he mean when he said that my dress was pretty the other day? Since she’s never satisfied with the answers she comes up with, she ends up bombarding him with odd questions, making him think she is psychotic.

What can you do if you are this woman: You need to start believing that there are no hidden meanings to his words. Mostly, guys say what they feel, so don’t over-complicate matters by overthinking them. Just be a little chilled out.

1. The Hater of Friends

Why she’s avoided: Women who are otherwise appealing in every way, sometimes have a bad habit of criticizing the guy’s friends. This is something that most men dislike in women because they value their friendships as much as their relationship with you, and want their girlfriend to get along well with his friends. So a girl’s habit of badmouthing about his boyfriend’s friends really puts him off.

What can you do if you are this woman: You should give serious thought to what your real problem is with his friends? Because more often than not, guys belonging in the same friend’s group are similar in many ways. So, if you have a problem with his friends, high chances you will have issues with your boyfriend too. And if it’s just you hating that you have to share his attention with his mates, know that you’re actually pushing him away by criticizing his friends.

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Have you dated one of these eight types of women guys avoid? Let us know about your experience in the comment section below.

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    Well that’s dinner I definitely had two…. The blabber and the need of constant reassurance. I’m gonna go with had really low self-esteem slash I am just not all that private. I definitely don’t need reassurance anymore but I occasionally kiss an tell!

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