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8 Things To Remember If Your Partner Is A Highly Sensitive Person

how deal with highly sensitive person

When you have a highly sensitive person as your partner, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. These are not exhausting or challenging in any way, just considerate and loving gestures. So what is a highly sensitive person, and how to deal with a highly sensitive person?

So you found a special someone!

As you get closer, you start to notice that they are different than most people. They are social but don’t seek public attention consistently. They are magnificent conversationalists but are very particular about who they talk to. They are highly intuitive and compassionate.

You, my friend, have bagged yourself a highly sensitive partner.

These personality types are a true treasure and require an exceptional approach. Be honest, and open-minded, and try to have some fun!

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How To Deal With A Highly Sensitive Person: 8 Things To Keep In Mind

1. Don’t Incite Confrontation

They don’t respond well to aggression or confrontation. You should feel free to talk to them about what is bothering you but try to do it in a calm manner; they can get agitated and go into their shell if you are too aggressive. Your communication with them should always be kind, patient, and calm.

2. Take The Time To Make Sure They Feel Understood

They are often misunderstood due to many misconceptions, judgments, and mislabeling. Don’t make them feel alienated or bad for how they are, because there’s nothing wrong with them. Ask for clarification and re-word things you don’t understand. Don’t rush toward assumptions or judgments.

how to deal with a highly sensitive person
Highly sensitive person traits

3. They Can Be Major Insomniacs

Be prepared for them to stay up and be active in the early morning or late at night. Their minds are constantly on overdrive, analyzing life and understanding different perspectives.

Once it’s time to relax they can have trouble unwinding. Be patient with them, they don’t mean to keep you awake. Try to help them deal with all the chaos and constant swirling thoughts in their heads.

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4. They Can’t Change Who They Are, So Don’t Try

Throughout their life, there has always been a person that is trying to ‘toughen’ them up and change them for the ‘better’. Your partner is a unique personality and is beautiful because they are so different from others. They lower the statistical trend of indifference and apathy.

This is something the world desperately needs, and if you’re trying to shy away from it, you could probably benefit from learning from their sensitivity.

5. Sex Isn’t Just A Game

They read people like books and are very discerning about who they open up to. For them to feel comfortable enough to open up and willing to experience the most intimate you, it takes a massive amount of trust and love. Respect their gift and pay attention to their needs. Share your needs as well, they want to make you happy.

6. Give Them Time To Recharge ALONE

Being in public and dealing with life can be chaotic and exhausting for anyone. Most sensitive people recharge most efficiently when they are left alone with their own devices.

It isn’t that you are a bother to be around, it’s just that solitude helps them focus on what they need to, and helps them feel rejuvenated at the same time.

8 Things To Remember If Your Partner Is A Highly Sensitive Person
loving a highly sensitive person

7. They Are Very Intuitive And Empathetic

They will be able to know how you feel as soon as you walk into a room. Don’t bother trying to hide emotions and thoughts, they will sense something is amiss.

They aren’t being nosy or trying to be in your face, they just want you to be as truly happy as you can be, and are always there for you.

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8. They Can Get Overwhelmed By Emotions And Public Situations

If you lose track of them at a party, it’s a safe bet to look in the bathroom, outside, or in an empty room. They will need to step away from stimulating situations to center and calm themselves.

It sometimes doesn’t take much to overwhelm them, so be prepared to support them in a number of ways. They may need space, a shoulder to lean on, a glass of water, reassurance, or to leave. Do your best to make them feel safe and respected.

Want to know more about how to deal with a highly sensitive person or dating a highly sensitive person? Check this video out below!

When your partner is highly sensitive

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8 Things To Remember If Your Partner Is A Highly Sensitive Person
How to deal with a highly sensitive partner
8 Things You Need To Remember If Your Partner Is A Highly Sensitive Person
how to deal with a highly sensitive person
how deal with highly sensitive person pin
8 Things To Remember If Your Partner Is A Highly Sensitive Person
how to deal with highly sensitive person pin
8 Things To Remember If Your Partner Is A Highly Sensitive Person

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