7 Ways Women Act That Push Men Away

7 Ways Women Act That Push Men Away

Like actual teasing, it’s fun at first, but then it gets old real fast.

Too much teasing builds a wall between two partners, a foundation they can’t surmount because of a disconnect.

He feels unsatisfied, inadequate, and she feels lonely — both partners feel as if they can’t express themselves openly and honestly.

6. The Accountant

“The Accountant” focuses on the equality of a relationship — the complete and TOTAL equality.

A woman in this role may keep track of who pays for what and when (some may even track it to the dollar amount or take into consideration each other’s respective salaries).

The problem here is that relationships aren’t business; they’re pleasure. If they’re not seen as enjoyable, intimacy will fall by the wayside and love just becomes collateral damage.

7. The Princess

When a woman plays the role of “The Princess,” she cares less about love than she does about being adored and put on a pedestal.

To put it simply, “The Princess” wants to marry a man who views her as a trophy wife.

Women who adopt this role aren’t only robbing their significant other of happiness (as their relationship is empty and for show), but also robbing themselves, taking away a chance at real love and connection.

In the end, every woman has played one of these roles (and men play their own roles, as well).

On occasion, falling into these roles probably won’t affect your relationship much at all. However, playing them repeatedly destroys relationships until there’s nothing left to ruin.

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7 Ways Women Act That Push Men Away
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