The 5 Types Of Men You Should Never Fall In Love With (EVER)

Types Of Men You Should Never Fall In Love With

The world of dating has become so much more complicated than before, with all sorts of toxic dating trends doing the rounds these days. So, when you are dating and trying to look for your Mr. Right, there are certain types of men you should never fall in love with, like ever. Let’s find out which sort of men you should avoid dating.

There are a lot of guys out there with commitment issues. And if you’re dating one of them, it’s no good for you. Your relationship is going nowhere fast. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you’ll find real happiness and love. 

Below is a list of guys that no one (of any age) shouldn’t spend a second with once you figure them out.

Don’t try to change them. Don’t try to help them overcome their commitment phobia. Instead, just run! After all, the more time you spend with the wrong person, the more time it will take you to meet the right person.

Kick these five going-nowhere fellas aside because dating them only leads to heartbreak.  

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5 Types Of Men You Should Never Fall In Love With

1. The Mama’s Boy

We’ve all dated a guy like this. He doesn’t make decisions without his mom’s input.

You might recognize a variation of some of these other guys on the list mixed in with the mommy’s boy as well. (For example, he could also be non-committal because he is already committed to his main squeeze: His mother.) 

A way to spot a Mama’s Boy is when his mother helps him pick out his house (or clothes), and not you. 

He asks her opinion, not your opinion. And if mommy must come over to take care of him when he is sick, and he is 30, you definitely have one of these guys on your hand. Lose this dude quicker than a bad habit because you don’t want to end up doing his laundry and sorting out his life.

Men you should never fall in love with

2. The Non-Committal Guy

Ladies, you have heard this before, and you will hear it again. If he says he doesn’t want a commitment, he means it and you need to respect that! You aren’t going to change his mind.

And you’re never going to get what you truly want sticking around waiting for him to see the light and get over his commitment issues. Dump this guy, and turn around to find the love of your life.

3. The Player

This guy is out for one thing only and his main function is to play. If he does marry you, guess what? He’ll still act like a player, only this time you’ll call him a serial cheater.

He doesn’t want a serious relationship, and neither should you because with this guy you’re wasting your time. You can easily spot him on Facebook with all the hot women in his photos. Drop him AND his special type of commitment phobia. 

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4. The Narcissist

We have all seen this guy before, too — the pretty boy with sociopathic tendencies mixed in. You might confuse the narcissist for a player, or the plain ‘ol non-committal type. 

But he actually is in a very real relationship… with himself. There is no room for you, your needs, or your issues because he is far too obsessed with himself. Sorry, but the pattern will never change with this guy. Good luck finding an available mirror when he is around.

Men you should never fall in love with

5. The Flake

Women get called flaky all the time but, the truth is men are just as flaky. And when you combine that with wishy-washy, you have a real problem on your hands.

You can never take this guy seriously. He’s the type of guy you end up in a text-relationship with, who says he’s so into you yet can never make time for a real date where you can really talk.

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Maybe he doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life (even though he’s 40). Maybe he does want to take you out, but can’t make the most basic decision on whether it’s a movie or dinner. Yeah, you’re going to get tired of this guy real quick. Throw him back because he isn’t a keeper either.

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Written by Susan Trombetti

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What a man should never do in a relationship?

Some things that a man should never do in a relationship are being abusive towards his partner, being immature or egoistic, being unfaithful, and treating his partner like an option.

Why do some men don’t fall in love?

Some men don’t fall in love mainly because of three reasons – commitment phobia, not being given enough time to know someone, and low self-esteem.

What kind of people don’t fall in love?

People who never fall in love or do not feel any romantic attraction, are generally known as aromantic people. Aromantic people just do not feel romantic feelings for someone.

 Never Fall In Love With
Men you should never fall in love with: Men you should avoid dating
Types Of Men Never Fall In Love With pin
Men you should never fall in love with: Types of men you should avoid
Types Of Men You Should Never Fall In Love With expin
Types Of Men You Should Never Fall In Love With pin

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