How To Handle A Serial Dater? 7 Things You Can Do To Deal With One


How To Handle A Serial Dater? Ways Of Dealing With One

Are you tired of finding yourself in a never-ending cycle of short-lived romances? Do you keep crossing paths with someone who seems to be in a new relationship every week? Well, maybe you are dealing with a serial dater! Now, how to handle a serial dater?

A serial dater is a person who thrives on the excitement of new relationships, but heavily struggles with commitment phobia, and finds it very hard to be in long-term relationships.

In this article, we are going explore not just the signs of a serial dater, but also how to handle a serial dater. So, are you ready to know some of the best ways when it comes to dealing with a serial dater? Let’s get started then.

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Who Is A Serial Dater?

Serial daters are those people who are always swiping right, going on multiple dates in a week, and jump from one relationship to another even before you can say “commitment”.

They behave like this because they like the thrill of the chase and the excitement of being in a new relationship. Once that excitement starts to wear off, they move on to their next chase.

Long-term relationships are not their cup of tea, and they prefer dating like this. Trying to tame a serial dater is no joke, I must say!

how to handle a serial dater
How To Handle A Serial Dater? 7 Things You Can Do To Deal With One

Signs Of A Serial Dater

1. They love making grand gestures.

Serial daters love to flirt and pull out the big stops in order to woo someone. Their motive is to sweep you off your feet, and make you swoon. If these gestures come out of the blue and way too early, know that you’re dealing with a serial dater, and they’re playing the field.

2. They are strangely curious and interested in your friends.

Bonding with your buddies is nice, but only when it’s genuine. If you notice that they are being extra nice and charming to your friends, especially the good looking and single ones, then know that their intentions are not pure. This might be a sign you are with a serial dater.

3. They try to get physically intimate with you fast.

A serial dater usually wants to have sex as soon as possible, because they are driven by that primal instinct, and that’s one of the major reasons why they jump from one relationship to other.

They’ll seize every opportunity for physical closeness right from the start. If they keep on insisting even when you’re reluctant, it’s likely you’ve got yourself a player.

4. They frequently mention their “crazy” dating stories.

Serial daters love to regale others with their wild and amusing dating escapades. They have a plethora of entertaining stories to share, which can sometimes make you wonder if they’re more interested in collecting anecdotes than building a meaningful relationship.

5. They’re active on multiple dating platforms.

One of the biggest clues you are dealing with a serial dater is that they have profiles on various dating apps and websites. You name one, and they’re on that!

They cast a wide net in their search for new connections and enjoy the variety and excitement that comes with exploring different people in different platforms.

6. They’re masters of first impressions.

Serial daters have perfected the art of making a great first impression. They know how to charm you and they know exactly what to do and say to impress you. This makes it easy for them to attract potential partners effortlessly.

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7. They’re pretty evasive about their personal details. 

They are extremely guarded when it comes to talking about their personal lives. They prefer to keep things surface-level and avoid delving into the deeper aspects of their lives, such as family, past relationships, friendships or future plans.

8. They’re usually always fresh out of a breakup.

Your date has probably been with other people before, and so have you – that’s normal. But it’s rather strange that they hardly ever stay single for long. If your partner hops from one relationship to another without any breaks, they might just love to play with people’s hearts.

how to handle a serial dater
How To Handle A Serial Dater? 7 Things You Can Do To Deal With One

Now that we know about the signs that show you are dealing with a serial dater, let’s talk about how to handle a serial dater.

How To Handle A Serial Dater? 7 Things You Can Do To Stay One Step Ahead Of Them

1. Don’t sleep with them.

Serial daters often rush into having sex, and once they get it, they quickly lose interest and move on to the next person. If you don’t want to be just another person on their list, then stay away from sleeping with them.

No matter how much they insist, or how irresistible it might feel, don’t sleep with them until you see that they are interested in having a serious relationship with you. Till then, resist the urge and stay far away as possible.

2. Ignore them and keep yourself busy with things you love.

By now you might have understood that a serial dater will try hard to woo you but don’t just sit around waiting for their texts or calls, because that way you’re trapped in the web they have spun.

Instead, create an exciting life of your own, and acknowledge that they aren’t the missing piece of the puzzle; you already have a very complete life. Believe in yourself to improve without them. Take yourself out on a date, without waiting for anyone to ask you out. Show them that their charm hasn’t been able to fool you.

3. Be aware of their patterns.

How to handle a serial dater? Observe their patterns and behaviors very, very carefully. Serial daters often exhibit similar patterns in their dating behavior.

Educate yourself about the signs of a serial dater and be mindful of any recurring behaviors that align with those patterns. This knowledge can help you make informed decisions about the relationship and whether you want to continue it or not.

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4. Trust your instincts.

Trusting your instincts is crucial when dealing with a serial dater. They may have mastered the art of manipulation, making it challenging for you to spot their true intentions.

However, if your gut tells you something is off or inconsistent in their behavior, listen to it. Don’t dismiss the red flags. Your intuition is a powerful tool in protecting you from potential heartbreak.

5. Observe their actions.

Actions speak louder than words, especially when it comes to dealing with a serial dater. While they may make impressive promises, their true character lies in how they follow through on those commitments.

Observe their behavior closely and assess whether it matches their words or not. Look for consistency in their actions, and if you notice a pattern of empty promises or a lack of follow-through, it’s a clear indication of their true dating tendencies.

6. Focus on your own growth.

If you are wondering how to handle a serial dater, then one of the most important things you can do is focus on yourself and your growth.

Self-reflect and work towards personal growth. Invest time and energy into yourself, whether it’s pursuing your career, engaging in hobbies, or exploring new interests. This ensures that you’re not solely defined by the relationship with the serial dater.

how to handle a serial dater
How To Handle A Serial Dater? 7 Things You Can Do To Deal With One

7. Know when to walk away.

This is THE most important thing to remember when it comes to how to handle a serial dater. Always remember that you deserve to be in a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

If the serial dater repeatedly fails to meet your needs, lies to you, disrespects your boundaries or shows no signs of changing their behavior, then it’s always better to walk away. You deserve someone who treats you like their whole world, instead of just an option.

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Being with a serial dater can be a really bad experience, and no one deserves to go through this uncertainty, humiliation and pain. If you notice most or all of these signs in the person you are dating, then you need to let them go and move on.

Do you have experience dealing with a serial dater? How to handle a serial dater, in your opinion? Let us know in the comments down below!

dealing with a serial dater
How To Handle A Serial Dater? 7 Things You Can Do To Deal With One

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