Kittenfishing Alert! 4 Telltale Signs You’re Being Deceived in Dating


What Is Kittenfishing? Clear Signs You're Being Kittenfished

There is an online trend known as “kittenfishing” which is a lot like catfishing; not as extreme, but still slightly misleading. Are you (slightly) guilty of this?

What Is Kittenfishing?

Wondering what is kittenfishing? It’s a play on words that describes the act of misleading someone in online dating by pretending to be different than one really is.

Instead of pretending to be a completely different person, kittenfishers modify their profiles with little white lies. You know, like using that one photo from three years ago when you looked a tad more glamorous, or fibbing about your age by a year or two.

Why People Kittenfish?

But why do people do it? Well, sometimes online dating feels like a competitive sport. It’s easy to hide behind a screen and let your best self filter through instead of revealing your true self.

Kittenfishers believe that once they have the chance to meet people in person, they will be able to win them over with their wit, charm, intelligence, personality and sense of humor. They therefore endeavor to maximize their chances of securing a first date.

Kittenfishing vs Catfishing

Although catfishing refers to deceiving others by pretending to be a different person on the internet, kittenfishing is just a milder form of that.

kittenfishing vs catfishing

In this case, people make small changes to their profiles such as using old pictures or making themselves taller than they actually are in order to seem more attractive.

kittenfishing vs catfishing

It’s like putting makeup on reality. But with catfishing it’s full out pretending; it’s wearing a mask and being an entirely different person altogether. So while kittenfishing could be seen as somewhat dishonest, catfishing takes things much further.

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4 Signs That You Are Being Kittenfished

So, how can you tell when someone is kittenfishing you? Well, there are a few signs:

1. They’re Inconsistent

Be on the lookout for disparities in their stories. Do they tell one thing today and another thing entirely tomorrow? Or perhaps they never give a straight answer to a simple question. Inconsistencies like these could mean that they’re lying.

2. They Don’t Give Out Details

When you ask about their job, education or background, do they change the subject or give weirdly vague answers?

Genuine people don’t usually mind sharing details about themselves but kittenfishers might not want to tell you too much. If they’re avoiding questions like a seasoned politician, maybe start questioning their honesty.

3. They’re Too Perfect

Nobody’s perfect, right? So if this person seems flawless — no quirks, no flaws, no bad days ever — it’s time to raise an eyebrow. We all want to put our best foot forward but if this person seems too good to be true…they probably are. Real people have imperfections so if they’re painting an overly idealistic picture then yeah, that’s fishy.

4. Their Photos Don’t Add Up

Take a good look at their pictures. Do they seem meticulously curated from every angle with just the right filter on each one? Or do they only have old heavily edited photos? If their online persona looks completely different from how they represent themselves in real life, then guess what?! Kittenfish!

Are You Kittenfishing?

Now let’s turn the camera back towards us. Could we possibly be guilty of kittenfishing as well? Take a moment and think about that:

  1. Would someone find any surprises if they met you in person compared to your online profile?
  2. How many little white lies have you told?
  3. And most importantly, is the image you’re portraying online an accurate reflection of who you really are?

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Kittenfishing may stem from wanting to put our best foot forward but let’s not forget to embrace ourselves for who we truly are – imperfections et al.

what is kittenfishing

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