5 Signs He’s Not That Into You


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5 Signs He’s Not That Into You

Are you wondering if he’s just not that into you? Or are you looking for signs to move on? One of the most disheartening and downright painful experiences in life is realizing the man you’re dating doesn’t feel about you the way you feel about him.

Imagine you just bought your favorite ice cream.

You take off the wrapper, start to enjoy the chocolate outer layer, and just as you’re about to bite into the ice cream— the best part— someone walks past you, accidentally knocks it out of your hand and it falls to the ground.

Dating can sometimes feel just like that. Sometimes you feel so close to finally tasting the magic and then you’re so far away again. But it doesn’t have to be.

I’m Nadine Piat, the creator of Healthy You Healthy Love and the world-leading online program Unlock His Heart. Today, I’ll share the very important five signs he’s just not that into you and what to do about it.

The truth is most women know these signs he’s just not that into you. They know when they’re not being adored and treated in a way that makes them feel safe and secure. They know when a man is hot and cold and doesn’t seem all that invested.

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Are You Guilty Of Ignoring The Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Just Not That Into You?

Or maybe he’s not your boyfriend yet but you’re hoping he will be.

Humans have a habit of getting attached to people. Women in particular are really good at going to say the best in people. And when it comes to men, many women are experts at making excuses for unkind behavior. They will make up reasons why he’s acting how he is so they don’t have to face the hard truth that perhaps he’s just not that into you.

Yes, you can make all the efforts you want.

He may feed you with enough affection and attention to keep you hooked and you may be able to influence him into staying in a relationship longer than he wants to but as harsh as it sounds when he’s not making an effort consistently, he’s not doing so for a reason.

Let’s look at the five signs a man is just not that into you so you can put an end to a relationship that’s already doomed and just move on.

Rebuild your confidence, heal your heart and attract the man that will actually add to your life not suck the life out of you.

First of all, let me ask you.

How Do You Know That A Guy Likes You?

Men are pretty straightforward in general. So the obvious answer is you can see when a man likes you by his actions. He shows it clearly by wanting to spend time with you, calling or texting regularly, being nice to you, making future plans with you. It’s hard to miss the signs he likes you.

Well, the opposite is also true if you’re paying attention. When a guy is just not that into you, he’ll do none of these things I just listed and that’s your cue to say goodbye and move on.

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You can’t force a relationship on someone who doesn’t want it. But do know that some men may really like you. Therefore, for whatever reason he’s not moving towards you, he’s balking.

It may be because the timing is off.

Maybe he’s insecure or super shy.

Perhaps he’s not yet achieved what he wants to achieve in his life and doesn’t feel enough for you.

But why does it really matter all that much? It’s the same principle. He’s not invested enough right now to give you what you want and deserve.

5 Signs He’s Just Not That Into You (MOVE ON)

1. He doesn’t make any future plans with you.

The first sign that the guy you’re dating doesn’t like you as much as you like him or he’s just not that into you is he’s reluctant to line you up for a date and there’s no future planning. He’s not hankering to see you as often as you want to see him. If you’re the one asking him out most of the time or takes him a long, long time to reach out and to suggest to catch up.

Sure, he may be super busy at work or could be one of the key signs that he’s just not that into you, especially if the following signs I’m about to mention are present too.

Some men are slow movers. The shy ones can be, though they shouldn’t last more than six to eight weeks. After that, momentum should start to build. If the momentum is not building, then it’s more than OK to want more and there’s a good chance, it’s time to say, “Adios!”

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2. Lack of consistent communication.

Calling and texting are apparently activities the man you’re dating does not enjoy, at least, when we’re talking about calling or texting you.

I’m not saying you should keep score if he texts or calls first, what I am saying is if you tend to be the one to be waiting for hours or days until he finds the time to bother to call or text you back, then things are pretty clear, aren’t they?

You need to stop initiating. Focus on your life without him in it and see if he starts to take the lead. If not, then you have your answer. Move On.

3. When a guy likes you, he’ll want to touch you and often.

This doesn’t necessarily mean “touching” in a sexual foreplay sense.


A guy who likes you will reach out to hold your hand, hug you and be close to you in any way possible. A man who’s just not that into you won’t do this, particularly not in public. Yes, some men are not overly touchy-feely, that’s OK if it’s OK for you though he will show you other ways of devotion and commitment. If not, it’s a sign you should move on.

4. Convenient for him sexy time.

He does want to have sex with you… when it suits him.

When a guy doesn’t like you as much as you like him, he’ll hit you up for play normally during times when he’s bored, not during primetime Friday or Saturday night. You’re more of that late-night afterthought or a weekend hangover booty call. And often, the sex feels more like a sports activity rather than a sensual, yummy kind of connection.

All women know when a guy is being attentive and adoring in bed or just through the motions.

A man who’s just not that into you will be going through the motions. And sure, not all men are great lovers and they can get nervous though the connection should deepen, not remain on the sports field with one goal in mind, his pleasure.

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5. He’s hiding you or avoids alone time with you.

These are two extremes that can mean the same thing— that he’s probably just not that into you.

If he doesn’t try to spend solo time with you and prefers to invite you to join him with his friends, then he could be avoiding getting closer. Sure, you may have some alone time at the end of the night— though most of the time— you feel like a buddy and not a girlfriend. You spend time hidden or in hiding normally at his place or yours and you don’t meet his friends, you’re not going out to restaurants, you’re under wraps.

These are not the signs a guy likes you. So, you should move on.

He could “like” you but he’s not hooked, line and sinker into you.

A man who’s becoming more and more invested, naturally, he wants you to meet his friends and spend some quality time alone with you going on dates at home, day trips, and so on. He’s holistically interested in you.

Those were the five signs a guy doesn’t like you as much as you had hoped.

I know it can feel kind of rotten, like rejection— though try not to see it that way. This is an opportunity for you to say no to mediocre dating and get clear about what wholehearted interest actually feels like when a man is invested in you. To help you to attract the man you deeply want and to put an end to painful dating, I have a free presentation that will support you to meet your perfect match.

It’s called the #1 secret to getting the love you want. You’ll love it.

Check it out here.

I know you are a smart, gorgeous woman, so be smart with your heart and only date men who want you too. Yes, sometimes it takes a number of weeks to work it out, though it really shouldn’t take longer than that.

I want you to find the courage and self-honor to break free from going-nowhere dating so that you’re available for someone truly ready for a woman just like you. If you want to eat the whole ice cream, then you have to walk away and move on from those time-wasters, mend that ego and get out there and attract that special man for you.

This is what I want for you.

Thank you for being here with me. Choose to love a little more every day in some way and see you again very soon.

Written by Nadine Piat
Originally appeared on Attract The One
Unmistakable Signs Hes Not Into You Pin
5 Signs He’s Not That Into You
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5 Signs He’s Not That Into You
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