24 Questions To Ask A Guy To Determine Your Relationship Compatibility

Questions To Ask A Guy To Determine Your Relationship Compatibility_

Compatibility is one of the most important parts of a relationship and without it, your relationship can crumble in no time. Yes, it stands true that every person is different from the other and you should always accept them as they are. But, a fair share of compatibility is vital for a successful relationship.

The more you get to know a person and spend time with them, the more you realize how compatible you are with them. Also, there are a few questions you can ask your man to determine compatibility which can also give you an insight into your future together.

Are you really as compatible as you think?

When you’ve been dating for a while and it’s starting to get serious, you want to know what questions to ask a guy to determine if you’re really as compatible in your relationship as you think.

Get-to-know-you questions are important because compatibility in a relationship is more than just hanging out together; it’s determining if you can really see life with that person.

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You like each other a lot, and you both love sushi, weekend hikes, and traveling together… Obviously, you’re perfect for each other!

Hate to break it to you, but dating, relationships, and marriage aren’t just about doing the things you love with the one you love. It’s about mitigating life — the ups, downs, and in-betweens together with your partner, who you also like to roll around in bed with.

So how do you know if you also mesh on the important things before you go on another date, open your heart, get into a relationship, and commit?

Well, honestly, no matter how many conversations or years you might be together, there are no guarantees in relationships.

“A lasting relationship isn’t about marriage. It’s about compatibility and communication. And you both need to want it to work.” – Goldie Hawn

But if you at least bring up then go deep into certain conversations, you might get an idea as to if they are a healthy match for you, or maybe you realize that they are more of a fun-for-now type of relationship that will soon expire.

What you don’t want to do is enter a relationship, and worse than that, enter a marriage with the hope that something about your partner will change.

Maybe they’ll drink less, want to spend more time with your family, be less of a flirt with others, be more of a hands-on parent, be more driven, be less shy about voicing their thoughts and feelings, be more aware of their health and practicing healthy habits, etc.

You can’t change them — only they can change themselves. And true, deep, sustained change only comes from massive reality checks and desire. The problem with committing to someone with the hope or expectation of change is that you may be setting both you and them up for failure.

The most common reasons for divorce are money, sex, and expectations. To address these issues you get married. This could be a way to avoid divorce, since you talked through the major issues first, giving yourself the pre-commitment opportunity to come to a calm understanding without the pressure of forever.

You might avoid divorce because you realize that the issues are relationship lenders, so you don’t get married in the first place. As much as that notion sounds awful right now, if you end up in the situation when you are locked in and then struggling with these differences and looking down the path of divorce, you will wish you had addressed them earlier.

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