5 Questions To Ask Before Getting Into A Serious Relationship

Questions Ask Before Getting Into Relationship

Getting into a serious relationship can be very exciting. But, before you take this step, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

The lure of knowing another person, having that person be equally interested in knowing you, and just the thrill of a seemingly interesting dating game can be enough to keep one on their toes for days or even months at a stretch.

However, after being in a relationship that has ended — or even if you are beginning one, the desire to be with the person who has taken your fancy can override a lot of vital reactions of your body. Namely, common sense and practicality.

Not that you need the latter until a little later… but, the time always comes.

To overcome these breaches in vital responses, you could use these points as a checklist to make sure you are involving your brain in the correct amount along with your heart. 

You see, hearts have this messed-up habit of making you believe things, that may or may not be: you may think getting into a relationship is the best thing ever, but so was getting on the Titanic — we all know how that turned out.

That being said; you might want to remember that even though all the following points are very straight forward and practical, they only come after you are completely sure that you love the person in question.

A serious relationship here is not supposed to be misunderstood for a profitable agreement done out of selfishness.

You need all the basic ingredients that make any relationship work:

  1. You should be happy together,
  2. You should understand both the said and the unsaid, and
  3. You should be able to feel free to them.
  4. You should feel like they are your home.
  5. Know if you are ready for it.

Whether it is your first time or not, getting into a serious relationship is definitely not like the Terms & Conditions page that you can hit an ‘I agree’ without knowing what you are getting into. 

There are responsibilities towards the other person, priorities that sometimes need to be reset, and the consequences of that decision to be faced once you hit this particular ‘I agree’.

One thing you might want to be absolutely sure about is that you are willing to do this out of pure affection towards the person. Not because it is what everyone is doing so even you are supposed to, not even because this person seems to be a good rebound from your previous relationship.

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Understand if you like the person or the idea of that person.

You might want to analyze your feelings about the person you like about why exactly you like them. Make sure your feelings are not based on what you assume they are like.

Similarly, you even might want to analyze if you are eager to get into the relationship not just because you like the titular satisfaction of being somebody’s boyfriend or a girlfriend.

Serious relationships are essential to be based on truth and trust. What you sow throughout, you can be sure will come back to you at one point of time or the other. You have to make sure that all that is sown is good and pure.

Ask yourself if you are only there for the benefits.

This is where you ask yourself what you like about the person of your interest. And what you love the most. Separate the material pleasures from the immaterial ones.

Isolate your lust from your emotional equation and really figure out what keeps you hooked to your person. It can be any of the activities you do together — talking, traveling, reading, exercising, anything.

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