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Elicit Emotions To Make Dating Easier

Elicit Emotions To Make Dating Easier

If you elicit emotions in everyone you speak to, you will really make yourself memorable.

There is a reason why I encourage people to take themselves out on a date on a Saturday afternoon. In order to become a good date, you have to first take yourself out on a date.

How to elicit emotions to make dating easier?

Let’s say it’s Saturday and I have to go pick out a pair of jeans. While I’m out, I’m going to talk to everyone I see based on observations I’ve made. I’m going to share things with them. You can’t expect a woman to even be remotely interested in you unless you share something about yourself with her.

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Look back and think about all of your stories. Let’s say a woman is on her iPhone. In your mind, you think to yourself, “iPhone? Shit. I heard it’s a pain in the ass to text on those things…”

So you walk over to her, and you ask her very simply, “How’s your day going?” A very simple opener. Right after that, you can look at her and say, “Man, I’ve been looking to get an iPhone for a while, but I heard it’s a bitch to text on. Is that true?” Say it with a smile. Be alive and alert.

Then you’ll get into a conversation where she’s telling you that she really likes her iPhone, and you listen carefully to what she is saying and respond to what she is saying, directing the conversation.

How does it elicit emotions?

Being excited about what she is talking about will create an emotion in her. Don’t just stand there and think to yourself, “I have to ask her out!”

Asking her out is nothing. Asking her out is something that is going to happen no matter what. If you go in and show her your enthusiasm, she’s going to want to go out with you, and she’s going to remember you and the conversation. She’s going to have a nickname for you – you’ll be iPhone guy or whatever it might be.

You have to have this enthusiasm for everyone that you talk to on your Saturday date. And it will be a long day, trust me. If you think about it, going out at 11 a.m. on a Saturday and coming home at 7 p.m. – that’s a lot of fucking hours. It’s a long day. And you’ll still want to go out that night and do it again, right? It’s like a full-time job.

But when you go and you talk with enthusiasm to anyone, your job will get so much easier.

Let’s say I’m talking to Rey while he’s piling a whole bunch of disgusting food into a box at Whole Foods (which you’ll get to see in person if you ever attend one of my boot camps!) I can look at him with a smile and say, “Oh man, that’s nasty!” All of a sudden, Rey will start cracking up, and then a woman will look at you and see two people smiling and having a good time. She’ll start reading the energy.

If you’re the person leading the conversation, she’ll start looking at you as the leader and she’ll start being more attracted to you. You have been leading the conversation – you opened the other person, you talked, you listened and you transitioned the conversation into something deeper, something that elicits emotions.

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Watch out this interesting video to know the 8 stages of dating:

She will start to get turned on by you, and she’ll find some reason to drift over to you. It’s like magic. This is what she’s looking for – most people are walking around in this incredible coma. If you look at most people, they spend their entire lives in a coma. They just live in a cloud.

Are you ready to elicit emotions in everyone you speak? Leave a comment below

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Written by David Wygant
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