7 Types Of Women To Avoid In A Long-term Relationship

Types Of Women To Avoid In A Long term Relationship

Have you had a few bad relationships in your past, which has left you confused as to which types of women to avoid in a long-term relationship?

*Author’s Note: This is a response to an article written by Dina Strada on Elephant  Journal, 7 Types of Men to Stay Away From. It seems like Dina wrote it from her heart, and based on the reactions I read on Facebook, many women agree with her. I have imitated her style and form in an effort to show another perspective, my perspective—a man’s perspective.

As men, it’s too easy to assume women are what we see on the outside.

Drawn in by her looks, a smile, we are quick to let our guard down and minimize any negative qualities. We want to believe she is kind, loving, and can make a damn good sandwich.

We can usually explain why we fall. It’s usually because she’s pretty and hasn’t given us a reason not to.

It’s not surprising, then, that many men fall for the same types of women over and over again, even if it always turns out the same way.

Complete f*cking bullsh*t.

If you stop and take an outsider’s look at your current relationship, you may realize you are in this pattern right now. The good news is, now you can predict the future!

Everyone can change, though, and who knows, maybe this time it will turn out differently. But chances are, you’re in for another heartache.

7 Types Of Women To Avoid In A Long-term Relationship

Here is a shortlist of seven types of women I would recommend avoiding in a long-term relationship:

1. The Fixer Upper

This girl is just a few short qualities away from perfect. She hasn’t quite learned her own self-worth. Her confidence may be a little low. Self-deprecating humor is her favorite defense against the world.

But if you could just get her to see herself the way you see her!

Stop now! She is the only one in charge of her happiness and self-esteem. She has to discover her amazingness herself. She will only see you as someone with bad judgment if you try to tell her she is better than she sees herself. Find a woman who loves herself. I promise you. She will love you harder than you can imagine.

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2. The Over-Communicator

The girl is just downright annoying. She wants to tell you everything about everything. And she wants to hear it, too. This girl needs a girlfriend. Not you. She will sap all of your energy leaving nothing left for romance. Not to mention, she will kill the mystery. Half of the fun of a new relationship is the discovery. And much like exploring a new city, it is best done slowly and physically.

She will talk when she’s nervous, talk when she’s scared, talk when she’s aroused, and talk when she’s lonely. And it won’t stop. It might be cute for a few dates, but as a man, we need silence sometimes. Communication is key in any relationship, but not everything has to be revealed at once. And some things are better just left alone.

You are her boyfriend, not her mother, not her best friend. Let the correct people fill those roles and you will be better at yours.

3. The Overly Experienced Girl (?)

I don’t know how to say this without pissing someone off, but if someone has had a lot of partners, there may be a reason—maybe she gets bored easily, or doesn’t stay with men for the right reasons.

That said, it’s not fair to make assumptions toward another based on the number of partners they may have had, so you might want to do some self-reflection if you find yourself judging her on this.

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  1. I See Most People Didn’t Read His Whole Article Word For Word From Start To The Very End… smh… Pretty Good Article If You Ask Me… Yes It Goes Both Ways… He Stated That As Well.

  2. Excuse me but what about the type of girl that is every one of these, but is incredibly amazing, and it’s all just because she’s afraid.what if she doesn’t know she’s doing wrong, what if she’s just protecting herself, I mean how can you expect clarity from someone so hurt .If she’s too experienced why not think that maybe “she’s just faking it” so that person doesn’t leave her first, what if she’s too overly kind enough to want to help and the other person mistakes this for an act of control.Shes scared but has once more fallen in love, and it hurts so much not to be able to freely feel loose and live love as teenagers without limits, just pure naive love.It hurts so much it has left them blind , unable to se that since she loves so much she has learned compassion in a twisted s & m way,and she’s giving it a try hopefully that maybe this time she might get it right.We don’t understand men, as they do not understand us, but do underatand this,if you label, and forget being curious, you may be worste than a woman with many traumas, you’d be trying love just for the hell of it, you’d undergo ” painful , and annoying experiences all for nothing,just to expand an idea of hate and misogyny that through fear, not respectful love, but fearful of knowing what’s behind that bricked annoying wall.she may be the one keeping you awake at night, or keeping you away from everything, but at the end she is the woman that strong and intelligent, secure of herself gives it one more try and that is willing to ridiculice herself through any means necessary just for moment in love.our dramatic ways, Our stubborn tantrum of always wanting more isn’t for hipocriticall mn that blackout from passionate and misunderstood love that they once pleaded for.low self egoistic conflicts,where we are asked to level ourselves by any means to the higher frecuencies that love so pure, like the kind that men give away cannot be ript off with delicacy and fragility.men, understand this, if we are these seven things, it is because we are compassionate beings that are willing to work harder,twist things so unconventional that we sometimes appear not rational women.it has been through these petitions, that we have so kindly agreed to pose as fierce conflictive beings, that through time men have mistaken as they’re own in strength .its is only through this that you are capable of seeing all the harm that egos can ruin if allowed to exist.why not see the good in the fact that it is though this that you can recover your true nature.this act of kindness that some women and men take upon, is the kindest love anyone can experience with another being.but it’s time to accept and take responsibility, and stop any woman or man that goes through this act of sacrifice and kindness.

  3. I liked this article it was very well put together, some of if was predictable and some I already knew and/or heard and read else where, so in all nothing was really controversial or outlandish or in my opinion was perceived as bias for as some other critics in the comments section as misogynist or any of that but more aimed at readers on a larger scale to be able to read and relate and obtain information they can remember. I believe that this was helpful in many ways and not in others like every other thing in life I take what applies and let the rest fly. Not everything is gonna be 100 percent perfect or undisputed Scientific facts that even the extreme naysayers and egotistical people who need everything and one doing the things they want and worded like they like and etc. that’s Mr. rogers neighborhood not the real world. Thank you the mindsjournal and the writer for this.. I’m pretty sure tho the Critics just brought their own defects of character to everyone’s attention and not what they want us to believe.

  4. The author of this article sounds as though he has either been hurt by women one time too many or he has deep seeded mummy issues. Anyway I don’t think this article would In anyway affect a mans own judgement when meeting a female he is interested in.

  5. First off, you have no more right to expect us to make a damn good sandwich than we have to expect you to make a damn good sandwich. Why has this not occurred to you?
    Second off, the “overly” experienced woman is the best gift for which a man could ever wish. Where do you think she learns all that great technique; a Girl Scouts Manual? Men who are afraid of experienced women are men who are too afraid to ever participate in really good sex.

    1. You must be #3 and I guess it struck a nerve but that’s ok cuz In life like the Internet feelings are just a problem of the individual not the people in the world around them

  6. Nice.

    I appreciate your analytical skills, your honesty and your compassion. I also think it was courageous, writing this article. Men need relationship advice, too – and if no one’s brave enough to point out when the Empress is wearing no clothes because of social morés, the advice might not be realistic.

    I believe in equal representation.

  7. There is a person for everyone, someone who can manage the other person imperfection. Everyone is not perfect in many different ways man or woman. I think you should have express your article without insults there are truly no necesaries to write what you have written here. If you can not handle someone character you are more than welcome to let them be free and so they can find someone who can love them with their crazyness included :).

  8. Don’t focus on staying away from women.. Dont judge them… Just improve yourself and develop your personality… Become a good human being and don’t lie to urself like a hypocrite.. And then your woman will appear in front of u…you might even have fallen in love and u might not know it…

    I was cheated by a girl who slept with someone else… She was my first love (was about to marry her) I hated her for causing me so much pain and suffering..so much that I went to a psychiatrist.. But today I thank her and God/Universe.. Because she taught me so much about myself and showed me what this life is all about

  9. Loved this article!!!! Yes we are all broken and we all have hang ups. And there is someone out there just for you, whatever your hang up is. But if your hang up is cheating, lying, and not being honest about who you are, hopefully you will find someone just like that to get a taste of your own medicine! 😉

  10. I hate these whether they’re about men or women … find someone you like and focus on the good. If they’re right for you theirs and your “failings” will iron out. Whats not right for you will be for someone else. To anyone who feels they fit into one of these stereotypes you are loveable!

  11. Finally, a piece on relationships that reasonably challenges the people in it’s audience to account for their own behavior and acknowledge the fact that generalizing and thinking in absolutes with regards to matters of the heart just doesn’t work…a breath of fresh air

    1. Yeah, read your first comment to this, and was writing my own comment, and then realized that your last name was drake….and thought ‘huh, very cool’… 😉

  12. Okay I read this to the bottom and the contradictions made to prove a point. The thing is, this was a really long article for no purpose except to say: date whoever you want. They all are fixer uppers….
    I’ll summarize a shorter one:
    Don’t date jerks and manipulators, gossipers and don’t be one.

  13. Here´s how this works: women prefer “bad boys”/authentic assholes to (most of the time fake) nice guys( who sometimes turn out to be the even bigger assholes) because they seek security and a guy who builds his whole life around her and depends on her can´t provide that. However the best is an independent, well behaved and authentically kind guy who has his own life and makes her a priority.

    1. Especially when the moon is round and the eukalyptus monster merges with the aloe vera pixies and they form a perpendicular alliance within the circle of the minotaur

    1. Michael… thank you truly…i didn’t read to the end…i found myself in every single wrong girl and thought whatever…… But yes…the ending ..is exactly as you posted…kudos for bringing that to my attention.. Much appreciated… 🙂

    2. In retrospec..though..i think the article shouldn’t have been labeled… as such…his critical point is don’t label…and his article itself is labeled….his point would have been better served..if he had pointed out his key note…first then gone on to label the behaviours..with respect to all ..not just women…

    3. I think it was more a response to the ones us lads always see of “7 types of guys you shouldn’t date” generalising people hurts individuals just as much as groups. I think the writer just wanted to voice “our” side, so to speak. The truth is emotions and genders can never be generalised and I think he wrote the headline knowing it would spark debate.

    4. Yes..i agree..michael…i totally understand . . . however, if his main key point is about labeling…generalizing..then I believe a change in title would have been better….even slightly from work to include all

    5. True but he at least took the time to say it was all in jest. Alot of the articles slating males are written in full seriousness.i agree it could’ve been worded differently but I don’t think there’s another title that would’ve made people read it.

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