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7 Little Gestures That Mean So Much To Men

4) Give him space and alone time

Let’s be honest, this one is the hardest to do. But this is also the most important thing to do.

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All of us need some alone time to recharge. Be it in the form of meditation, exercise, reading, hiking, surfing or any other activity.

Every person has his own interest areas and hobbies he has all the rights to pursue and nurture them.

Whenever your guy wants to take time off to do the things that interest him, don’t be sad or rude. Instead, see him off with a smile and support him.

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He will totally appreciate your understanding and support and will be all the more loving when he gets back.

A little separateness makes life interesting. It gives you a lot to talk about and enriches your life.

You can schedule your alone time and we time in a way that it enriches your life and makes it more exciting.


5) Put your phone aside

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This one is another bummer. We are all guilty of it. But trust me I have consciously tried to work on this and I am so glad that I did.

Whenever I am with my partner, I put the phone down, no matter what text or notification is coming.

And it has helped me to notice such intricate and beautiful details about my partner and has deepened my love for him.

I could notice the spark in his eyes, his childlike smile, his artistic fingers, how animated he is when he talks and a lot of intricate details and mannerisms that I would have missed if I kept staring at my phone while talking to him.

The best gift that you can give to someone is your undivided time and attention. It’s also the most difficult because we are so busy in social media distractions.

Just make a vow to yourself that you would be in the present moment whenever you are with your partner without any distractions and give them your undivided attention.

You will be surprised at how much it makes the other person feel seen, heard and loved and how much it makes your bond grow stronger.


6) Be thoughtful in expressing love

Love is not about cheesy social media posts or big declarations. It is about the little thoughtful things we do for our partners.

For example, your partner has a bad day at work and comes back home visibly upset while you had a great day at work.

If you are thoughtful and sensitive, you would ask them about what went wrong and try to cheer them up and postpone talking about how great your day was to a later time when they feel better.

For example, you are making tea for yourself or getting yourself a glass of water and you get the same for your partner.

For example, you are vacationing and you get a gift for them when you get back.

These are all little things but they go a long way in expressing that your partner is on your mind and you care about them.


7) Let your eyes do the talking

I know it sounds clichéd but there’s nothing more magical and beautiful than letting your eyes do the talking.

Eyes are said to be the window to the soul and nothing is more romantic than making a good eye contact while talking.

I am not referring to staring longingly into your partner’s eyes like some crazy stalker but I am talking about that subtle, playful, soul gazing kind of eye contact.

It makes the other person feel loved and wanted and piques their curiosity and interest in you.

It is little things like these that are worth their weight in gold that go a long way in building a beautiful, happy and long-lasting relationship.

They are not as easy to practice as they sound because they require an incredible amount of openness, authenticity, and vulnerability.

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