Make Your Man Feel Special In These 12 Ways


Make Your Man Feel Special In These 12 Ways

“Loving someone and having them love you back is the most precious thing in the world.” ― Nicholas Sparks, The Rescue

A successful relationship is a two-way affair. Reciprocation is one of the key factors in maintaining a relationship. Not always you have to tell your man ‘I love you’ to make him feel special. There are other gestures you can show which work wonders and make him feel that he is lucky to be your significant other. Here’s the list:

(1)  Ask him when you are in need of any advice:

He might not give you the exact solution you are looking for but sharing your problem with him and asking for advice makes him feel important. He knows you count on him and he will do his best to live up to your expectations.

(2)  Give him complete attention:

You might have a lot of other things to do but when you are with him, give your time to him. That will make him feel special because he will understand that no matter how busy you are, the moments you spend together only belong to the two of you.

(3)  Give him compliments:

There’s no need to flatter him but who doesn’t love compliments? By showing his positive sides, you are appreciating him as an individual. Think about it? Don’t you love it when he compliments you? Well, you should be doing it too.

(4)  Wear the dresses he loves:

Dressing on our own terms is our right. But it wouldn’t harm much if you dress for him sometimes, is it? He will understand you are wearing it to honor his choices and he will feel special.

(5)  Show him affection:

Just like women, men like affection too. Walking with your hand locked in his arms, resting your head on his lap shows your love for him and he will feel special because of your affection.

(6)  Give him tight hugs:

Hugs do wonders especially the tight ones. Met him after a week? Run into his arms and hug him tight. The more you hug, the more you bond together. It’s significant of your true feelings of him.

(7)  Listen to him and let him speak his heart out to you:

One of the strengths you need to make your relationship a successful one is listening to your man. Because our society doesn’t allow men to be weak-hearted, a lot of them find it difficult to open up. If he opens up to you, then it’s a sign that you are really very special to him. Reciprocate that by listening to him, letting him cry to you. He will feel that he has made the right decision by being with you and he will feel very special.

(8)  Make him feel he’s your priority:

Just like you, he wants to be the priority of his partner. You don’t need to be with him always and you don’t need to compromise or sacrifice anything for him; if you just make him your priority sometimes over others, he will understand how much he matters to you.

(9)  Show him a lot of respect:

What men want from others is respect. If you have a high respect for him, he will feel very important. 

(10)  Believe in him:

One of the important things a man seeks in a relationship is the trust of his significant other. Believe in him as a person, believe in his dreams. This will make him feel more confident about himself and also about the two of you a couple.

(11)  Take charge and make plans sometimes:

Yeah, he might be good at making plans but if you take the lead sometimes, he too will feel special in the way you do. Surprise him with a box of homemade cookies or quickly pay the bill while he’s still sipping his beer. He will understand you are also giving efforts in building up the relationship.  

(12)  If you appreciate things he does for you, just tell him:

Telling him how you loved his chocolates the other night or how good you felt after sharing your work with him will make him understand how important he is to you. Express his gratitude and he will increase these gestures.  

If your man loves you truly, he will not expect anything in return. Showing these gestures will increase the bond and pave way for a long-term relationship.

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Make Your Man Feel Special In These 12 Ways

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