18 Charming Things To Tell Your Man To Take His Heart Away

18 Charming Things To Tell Your Man To Take His Heart Away

Do you not feel nice when someone says something nice to you? 

It sure does, not just to the woman but the same goes for men too. Speaking your heart out and communicating it effectively would not only make him feel loved but it would also show how much he means to you.

You know what’s in your heart, but maybe you’re having trouble putting it into words. There are many ways to express your love. All you need is a little inspiration to help you realize what you want to say.

Charming things to tell your man to take his heart away

Here are some amazingly charming things to tell to your Man to take his heart away:

1)  “I wish you were here with me right now.”

Everyone has this urge to feel wanted. By telling your boyfriend how much you miss his presence, you indirectly tell him how important he is to you. Yet doing it quite often could result in the effect being worn out.

2)  “I didn’t believe that love can happen in a single moment, but it changed the very moment I fell in love with you”

A cheesy addition, yet it shows your deepest feelings for him

3)  “I can see a gateway to the world I want to exist in whenever I look into your eyes”

The shortness of the message shouldn’t be looked upon but instead, its depth should be measured. Careful, the delivery and the time its dropped really matters as if it’s too early then it might freak your boyfriend out.

4)  “If I got to relive my whole life, the only thing I would change is that I would have met you years ago.”

This shows your feelings and also shows the only part you regret is not meeting him earlier in life.

5)  “I feel shielded and safe when you are around me.”

Men usually consider them to be the guardian and the protector, and by saying this your guy would feel special and would feel honored. This particular compliment while making your man feel proud and would warm his heart.

6)  “There’s no one in the world who can understand me better than you”

This sentence will show your boyfriend how honest you are to him and how progressive your relationship is.

7)  “You can lighten my mood, even in the darkest of times”

A relationship is full of ups and downs, and if your guy can elevate you to the good mode then he is a keeper. Doing the same for him when he is in bad mood are a sign of constructive and healthy relationship. By telling your guy this you show him that you are relying on him when there are any hardships which will make him happy, proud and feel loved.

8)  “I love your company more than anyone in this world”

Whilst in a relationship, you might be seeing other friends besides your boyfriend. Assuring your boyfriend that his company delights you the most and telling him that you prefer it over anything else will mean a huge step in your relationship. It means you are prioritizing him over your other friends and can lead to a seriousness in the relationship.

9)  “I can’t imagine my life without you.”

When committing to a relationship, a life without the significant half becomes unimaginable. This step is a positive one and your guy would know how much he means to you.

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