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The 5 Main Phases of a Twin Flame Relationship

Here’re are five main Phases of a Twin Flame Relationship.

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AS WE ALL KNOW A Twin flame relationship is not all ‘perfect’, as one might expect, especially in the beginning (usually a few years)

After reading or hearing about twin-flames and their perfectly balanced energies, many people think it would be like a fairy tale, the you-find-your-twin flame-and-live-happily-ever-after kind of thing.

It is not.

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It is a perfect relationship, but it needs some work from both the partners.

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After having been separated from each other literally millions of years ago, both twin-flames(of all souls) went through a lot of pain and suffering… and gathered negative emotions in the process.

These take a while to get sorted. And this can be difficult at times.

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But you’ll get through it… Love will take you there… And then the world is your canvas and you’re the painters… Together, in love, harmony, in Eternal Bliss

There are, as I see It, Five main phases of a twin flame relationship.

Everyone understands the twin flame relationship differently… and there are no clear timelines or specific periods for any of these phases. Each differs for every twin flame couple.

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I’m giving you this information so that you can understand this relationship better. There are no rules. And there is no One-size-fits-all in a Twin Flame relationship. Each relationship will be unique, just like each couple.

Main Phases of a Twin Flame Relationship
The 4 Main Phases of a Twin Flame Relationship

Here are the five main phases that usually resonate with all twin flames in some way.

Phase One – The Preparation

This phase comes BEFORE you meet your twin flame.

But I’m counting it as one of the phases as It is very much a part of your Twin flame relationship.

Watch this video to know how to recognize your twin flame:

What happens in this phase –

– Karmic Relationships

There are one or a few seriously devastating relationships. These begin with strong emotions and end painfully. These are called Karmic relationships.

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– Emptiness and Strong desire for ‘The One’

After you’ve been through the Karmic relationships, you’ll have a very deep yearning or desire to find ‘The One’.

At this point, you will desire meeting your perfect love, whose image you will carry in your imagination (or in some cases in Dreams). This Image is of your Twin flame, although you probably won’t realize it at this point. This happens because your soul knows your Twin flame is coming!

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Phase Two – The Meeting – A Glimpse Of Heaven

This is one of the phases of the twin flame relationship when you meet your twin flame for the first time (in this incarnation).

You might try to resist at this point but you will fall for him/her anyway. Then comes a short period of ‘perfection’. This is what I like to call A Glimpse of Heaven

What happens In this Phase –

The first meeting

You’ll meet your twin flame in unusual circumstances or at some unexpected place. [A place where you would not expect meeting your life partner/soulmate] You’ll find this person somehow ‘special’ at this point. Even though you might not even think of them as a partner.

The initial attraction

You’ll soon find yourself being attracted to your twin flame. You might not be ready for a relationship (because of the karmic relationships that you’ve been through) and so you might try to resist this attraction. You’ll fall anyway. Deeply in love.

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