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15 Signs of An Introverted Extrovert

Signs Youre An Introverted Extrovert

8. Making uncomfortable people feel comfortable is your forte.

You might not be the most talkative person in the room, but when you see someone feeling uncomfortable and out of place, you take it upon yourself to change that. You go up to them, talk to them, and make them feel at ease.

If they are not able to get a word in, you will help them say what they want to say by giving them the floor. You always try to help other people belong, no matter where you go.

9. You don’t plan parties, but when you do, it’s a big deal.

You just can’t imagine throwing a party just for your sake, because you ask yourself, “Why would somebody want to come to a party where I am the host?”.

Another reason is also that you feel intimidated to throw parties because you feel your guests will hate the arrangements you made. That’s why when you finally decide to do something, it’s a huge deal for you.

Introverted Extrovert
introvert extrovert signs

10. Other people believe in you a lot more than you do.

Since you can be outgoing and calculated at the same time, sometimes you end up being the leader of the group. But the thing is, that doesn’t mean you want all the glory and praise, nor do you want others to talk about how great you are.

Other people might have full faith in you and your abilities, but somehow you feel you are not good enough to be a leader. You think you can always do better, and that’s why appreciation makes you feel uncomfortable at times.

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11. You want to be noticed but freak out when you are in the limelight.

This is another one of the prominent examples of being an introverted extrovert You are always bouncing between wanting to be acknowledged and appreciated for your talents, and hard work, and the horrifying thought of being in the limelight.

You like it when you are complimented and noticed for your good things, but the moment you are the center of attention, you feel like running away.

12. Quaint cafes and coffee shops are your favorite places.

When you are an introverted extrovert personality, you feel at peace in places like quaint and quiet cafes and coffee shops, where you are surrounded by a lot of people, but you can still close yourself off and keep to yourself.

You don’t feel alone, but at the same time, you are able to have your personal space. You are surrounded by people, but you are not obligated to talk to them.

13. Trying to control your introverted side is a big struggle.

One of the biggest examples and troubles of being an introverted extrovert is controlling your introverted side. You often find your introverted side taking over in social situations where you are required to socialize and talk with people.

It ends up being quite a challenge because once you go into that reserved and shy zone, you literally have to force yourself to converse with people, especially when you don’t want to at all.

14. Small talk is not really something you look forward to.

You try to avoid small talk as much as you can because superficial conversations are not your forte. You want to know people on a deep and intimate basis and you want to really know someone.

You want to know what someone’s dreams and goals are. You want to talk about their thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Talking about the weather and what your neighbors are doing is not something you like to indulge in.

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15. If you like someone, you really like them. 

You are extremely selective and picky about who you spend your time with and who you invest your energy on. Whoever you have hung out with multiple times, they should take it as a compliment because you don’t hang out with just anyone. Once you consider someone your friend and close to you, they are your friend for life.

So, did you relate to these? If yes, then congratulations, you are an introverted extrovert!

Want to know more about the signs of an introverted extrovert? Check this video out below!

Introverted Extrovert
Introverted Extrovert Signs
Real Life Examples Extroverted Introvert pin
Introverted Extrovert Meaning
Signs Youre Introverted Extrovert pin
15 Signs of An Introverted Extrovert
Signs Youre An Introverted Extrovert pin
15 Signs of An Introverted Extrovert
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