12 Ways to Reconstruct Yourself in 12 Months

12 Ways to Reconstruct Yourself in 12 Months

It takes more than a mere article to convey the sometimes many-level transformations a year can bring to our lives as we know them; and often not that unexpectedly, if we think about it.

Many of us can relate to this or have even put together personal checklists for future reference, after having faced a most demanding year in any (or all) areas of our lives. So here are twelve major lessons such a trying, yet ultimately rewarding, period can really teach us:

 “When you learn, teach, when you get, give.” -Maya Angelou

1. Be authentic

And self-knowledge is your ticket to this; it’s a sun that has many beams: self-esteem, self-confidence… And all end up in how much you love and respect your own self.

There are many ways to tap into your true nature and each of us can go about it differently – e.g. take an MBTI personality test perhaps and see where that takes you. The sure thing is that you cannot keep putting on masks during your daily life or rely on others’ opinions of you to form an idea about who you really are. Don’t be afraid of some sincere and unprejudiced introspection; deep down there awaits the best of friends you will ever have: your own self.

And if all this sounds rather “selfish” to you, that’s a proof of how little you value your truth. You will understand that only when you deeply know and love yourself are you capable of loving the others as they deserve, too. Love comes from within.

“Magic is believing in yourself; if you can do that, you can make anything happen.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

2.Detox I: Exercise and eat healthily

Ancient Greeks considered a healthy body to be the beginning of everything – νοῦς ὑγιής ἐν σώματι ὑγιεῖ (literally: healthy mind in a healthy body). And it is; the beginning of your psychological health, the strength of your mind, your zest for life. Do your research and come up with a diet and exercise plan that suits your needs and goals. You cannot fail when you look after your body and respect it, just like a good old friend.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” -Hippocrates


3.Detox II: Eliminate toxic relationships

This is especially true for those who may fall more towards the empath side of the scope and have had more than their fair share of let downs in their life. And yet it is easy for the pattern to keep repeating itself over and over, when you “conveniently” tell yourself that you must be the faulty one and there’s no way out of it. Sometimes it takes one more bad social relationship for us to get hurt again and finally discover the light. Take the narcissistic personality disorder, for example; you might start informing yourself about it only to ultimately start figuring out that many people within your social circle (closer or broader) fit the description, perhaps even ones you may know since your early childhood.

Then you realize that yes, you are at fault- for the time you let psychologically abusive, manipulative people prey on your feelings and distort your own sense of self. Once you recognize this, the revelations won’t stop; nor will your determination to cleanse. Toxic relationships out of the window, breath of life in. It’s tragically funny when you realize the sun is only a decision away.

4. Living in the here and now

Regarded as the most grounding way to go, this is for most of us enough to change our entire life approach… Thus, easier said than done. When you’re not used to it at all – and it so happens when you get carried away by stressful thoughts and almost automatic over-thinking- sticking to this literally new way of life almost feels like the strictest diet regime ever; you need a constant snack of total mindfulness, without additives of random thoughts dragging you into worry-binging.

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