Make Your Man Feel Special In These 12 Ways



(9)  Show him a lot of respect:

What men want from others is respect. If you have a high respect for him, he will feel very important. 


(10)  Believe in him:

One of the important things a man seeks in a relationship is the trust of his significant other. Believe in him as a person, believe in his dreams. This will make him feel more confident about himself and also about the two of you a couple.


(11)  Take charge and make plans sometimes:

Yeah, he might be good at making plans but if you take the lead sometimes, he too will feel special in the way you do. Surprise him with a box of homemade cookies or quickly pay the bill while he’s still sipping his beer. He will understand you are also giving efforts in building up the relationship.  


(12)  If you appreciate things he does for you, just tell him:

Telling him how you loved his chocolates the other night or how good you felt after sharing your work with him will make him understand how important he is to you. Express his gratitude and he will increase these gestures.  


If your man loves you truly, he will not expect anything in return. Showing these gestures will increase the bond and pave way for a long-term relationship.

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Make Your Man Feel Special In These 12 Ways