Energy Cleansing: 10 Ways To Clear And Raise The Energy In Your Home


Cleanse Raise Energy In Home

Do you know that energy cleansing not only raises the vibrations of your home but also improves your emotional health?

Clearing the energy in your space and filling your home with positive energy can really raise the vibration in your home and help you along your path of purpose.

Low and stagnant energy can make you anxious, upset, sick, worried, and tense. It can give you headaches and stomachaches. It can make you feel worried and full of anxiety and tension for no reason. It can cause arguments and behavioral changes.

Sometimes, fixing these problems is as easy as clearing the air and refreshing the energy. The key is doing it on a regular basis to keep the energy high and to clear out any low energy that may sneak in.

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Tension lingering in your home? Feeling sick when you’re inside? Wondering how can you change the energy in your house? Try these 10 things to clear and raise the energy in your home – ASAP!

How To Raise The Energy In Your Home? 10 Easy Energy Cleansing Rituals

Energy Cleansing Rituals
10 Negative Energy Cleansing Rituals

These are easy ways to clear energy in your home.

1. Regular Saging

Burning white sage or sage energy cleansing is known as the ultimate vibration-raising practice. Its smoke cleanses the energy of the air and when you open your windows after burning it, the low energy is carried away and you are left with the high-vibration energy of white sage.

The more often you sage, the more often it can work to cleanse your space and raise the energy in your home.

2. Bring In Natural Light

The easiest method of home energy cleansing is to utilize natural sunlight. Open the blinds and curtains as soon as you can in the morning. Allow in the natural light.

The sun itself is cleansing and stimulating, even behind clouds, and will remove negative energy from home just by filtering into your house.

3. Opening The Windows

Natural air is another tool for clearing bad energy from your home. Let in the fresh air. Open windows throughout your house to create and allow a breeze to pass through.

The air will carry away any low energy on the breeze as it passes through your house and replace it with fresh, clean air. If it’s too chilly outside to open the windows, candles can work very well to refresh the energy.

4. Prisms And Stained Glass

Hanging in the windows, prisms, and glass that brings through colored light and rainbows will shine high-vibration light into your home.

Much like the sun, this reflective light will act as an energy-cleansing medium and will lift the energy in the home with little work by you – besides hanging them up, of course!

5. High Vibrational Energy Cleansing Crystal

For changing the energy in your home, you can use high vibrational crystals designed to raise the vibration and cleanse energy throughout your home.

My favorites are Selenite, Clear Quartz Points and Pyramids, and Rose Quartz. They are excellent for energy cleansing your living space.

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6. Music That Makes You Feel Good

Sound can be healing – it can clear stagnant energy and replace it with healed, uplifted energy.

While there are certain vibrations and tones specialized for healing certain areas of your life, for overall energy cleansing, listening to and filling your house with music that makes you feel happy works just fine.

The energy you release when you feel great replaces any lingering low energy.

7. Laughing Often

When you feel good, your energy is good. It can heal you on the inside and out, diffusing into your space, releasing and replacing any low vibrational energy.

For house energy cleansing, laugh often and get your family to laugh often. Watch uplifting movies and shows, listen to comedy, and do whatever it takes to make you and your family laugh as much as possible to accomplish effective energy cleansing.

8. Pictures Of Those You Love

Surrounding yourself with those you love is important as a home cleansing ritual. Feeling loved and supported in your life goes a long way toward making you feel better and raising the energy in your home.

By surrounding yourself with pictures of those you love, hanging them on the walls, and filling picture frames, you are reminding yourself of the love and support you have. Not only that, but you’re also reminding yourself of the good times you had when the pictures were taken.

Remembering positive memories and the support of those you love elicits feel-good emotions in you and those in your home, inherently raising the energy and clearing any lower energy.

Look at a picture, feel great, and release feel-good energy into your home. It’s one of the simplest ways of energy cleansing, isn’t it?

9. Finding Ways To Release Tension

Energy cleansing can mean releasing the tension, worry, and low energy (negative) emotions that caused the energy in your home to feel less than great.

When you clear the tension and release these emotions from yourself, and your family does too, you can clear the air.

Find ways to release tension and low-energy emotions – take a bath, go for a walk, listen to music, watch funny movies, or bake cookies.

Do what makes you feel relaxed, calm, and at peace, and do it on a regular basis. My preferred method of energy cleansing is to take a salt bath with these pink Himalayan salts.

10. Get Out Of The House

Leave the house. Clear your OWN energy by taking a walk and getting out of the space and away from that energy. Open the windows when you do, and allow the space to air out on its own. When you come back, you’ll feel better and your house will too.

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These are my top 10 tips for clearing and raising the energy in your home – try one or a few today! The more you use and the more often you implement these tips and tricks, the more you’ll notice their uplifting effects.

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Soon, you’ll be able to feel an energy shift instantly and know exactly what to do to get out of that funk – and it won’t happen as often!

Written By Sarah Petruno

We hope you’ll implement these rituals and get ready to welcome the protective positive energy before this Halloween season!

Energy Cleansing Rituals
10 Easy Energy Cleansing Rituals
Energy Cleansing Rituals
Energy Cleansing Rituals
Energy Cleansing Rituals
Energy Cleansing Rituals
Cleanse Raise Energy In Home pin

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