A Simple Way To Radiate Positive Energy

A Simple Way To Radiate Positive Energy

It is true what they say: The more efforts put in, the better the results. I have been thinking a lot lately about luck and peaceful life. Seriously, I always ask myself; ‘Is a good life the result of continuous luck or is there a chain of secret natural laws that silently produce remarkable results once we row ourselves and our goals with them? Well here is my answer. Good luck comes to people who give all their best to others. In other words, just do right things and they will go back to you sooner or later. Just think deeply about it: we exist in a world where the nature laws simply follow their course and are the same laws that only hold two sides: positive and negative, no place for the third.


Sure, sometimes we get lucky. To me, it is an expected gift from your past generous-hearted which has been delivered at the right and at the right place. Doing things like adding value to your family, friends, neighbours, customers, students, patients…and all those who surround you. Treating everyone you meet in your days as very important people that you have seen them for the first and might be the last time in your life. Being amazingly kind, unexpectedly honest and astonishingly zealous. Just keep doing these things and let them be your style of living or maybe your life philosophy, why not? And believe me you will always be fine and satisfied no matter what could happen to you.


Remember, to love yourself before loving other people because the explosion of positive energy always comes from inside to outside. Here is the truth as far as I can tell you: we all want and desire to feel special. I do. You do and we do. So give intention to all those around you, when they truly need it. Give praise and honest compliments when they most deserve them. By doing so, you will be standing in high levels as possible as you can be. Those acts elevate you with a unified force and turn you into a supreme person who belongs to world-class.


I am totally convinced that those acts may appear in the first sight impossible to realize due to the rush of busyness and the daily call of our routines that we might surely forget the very important things we do live for as well as the imperative of being aware of things we are doing. But let me help you with my own and humble experience; Try at least to plant serviceable  ,valuable seed on your way every day and see how many plants you will cultivate later. Just dive deeply and shape your days.


I learn very important and unforgettable things from kid’s fantasy stories. Not only are they my entertainment they are my best teachers. They have shown me how to wisely live in the moment, helped me to remove pale blur of my face and taught me how to open my soul and heart. Just read these immensely important words of celebrated French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery in his most famous work “Le petit prince” or the little prince. The story is a philosophical and comprises social lessons that I need to share with you: “Well, I must endure the presence of a few caterpillars if I wish to become acquainted with the butterflies” Thank you very much for those precious words which deeply touched my heart.


Last but not literally least, life is about how we see things and how we react with them. And how we exploit the choices available to us to craft our wings and flight so high. Now, I let you with Morgan Freeman’s rousing answer to a plain question “How do we change the world? One random act of kindness at a time”. Profound words.


We all want and desire to feel special. I do. You do and we do


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