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I’ve jumped on the crystal train, and for very good reason. The more I’ve learned about their power and how to work with them, the more I notice what a big difference they can truly make. Now, you can’t just get crystals (aka stones) and expect them to work like magic.

You have to tend to your crystals. You have to cleanse them, charge them, and work with them to set your intentions and what you want to manifest from them. You’ll see some crystals have multiple uses, and you should use a crystal with similar properties depending on what your intention is. Essentially, choose crystals that have certain properties pertaining to what you are seeking from the crystal.

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To cleanse:

You can run the crystal through palo santo or sage smoke. You can leave your crystals out under a full moon. You can pass the stone through a candle flame, being careful not to scorch it.

When you do this, you can visualize all the energies from the stone becoming white healing light. There are many ways to cleanse a stone, my personal favorite is through palo santo smoke, but find the method that works best for you.

To charge:

To charge a stone you’re basically programming it and infusing it with a single intention. You’re visualizing what you want from the stone. There are a number of ways to charge a crystal, but one way is to hold it in your non-dominant hand and imagine a white light surround you and the stone.

Then, inspire the stone with your desired intention and ask for its help and guidance. Work with this stone often to achieve your desired result. Again, there are so many ways to charge your crystal, find what feels right for you.

But remember, there is a HUGE difference between cleansing and charging your crystals.

Cleansing = removing the crystal of any excess energy it may have absorbed and clearing any energetic impurities.

Charging = programming your crystal and telling it what your intentions are and what you seek from it.

Here are some of my favorite crystals for various areas of life:

Crystals You Need For Different Areas of Life

crystals of love

Crystals For Love

1. Rose Quartz

The number one stone of unconditional love and is known as the stone of love. Great for forgiveness and compassion. It opens our hearts to love, peace, and harmony. It can heal a wounded heart and opens the heart to all kinds of love, including teaching us to love ourselves and restoring self-confidence.

2. Rhodonite

Carries a powerful healing vibration that helps with relationship problems. Brings emotional healing, forgiveness, compassion, and helps release fear. It teaches you to work with your heart, balances emotions, and soothes the soul.

A calming, loving, and healing stone that decreases hasty decision-making while increasing self-esteem and confidence.

3. Garnet

Promotes love, and sparks adoration and devotion from the root of our being. Helps to manifest what you truly want and is a symbol of courage. A fiery stone that speeds up recovery processes, and is a symbol of courage, passion, and energy.

4. Rhodochrosite

Encourages unconditional love and tenderness. Fosters inner security, self-worth, and emotional stability.

5. Sardonyx

Brings lasting happiness and stability in a marriage. Enhances partnerships by promoting integrity and virtuous behavior.

6. Sodalite

Helps us say the right thing at the right time to support our partner. Perfect for communication and self-expression. Facilitates rational discussion and the confidence to talk through things.

7. Moonstone

Brings new energy and aids in the acceptance of the highs and lows that are felt in a relationship. Enhances feminine energy and fertility. It helps calm responses and stress, and aids in avoiding overreaction.

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Crystals for Anxiety, Stress, Depression

crystals of anxiety

1. Labradorite

Protects you from irrational fears, helps ease worries. Deflects unwanted energies that can drain you by creating a negativity shield. Helps stimulate your intuition and increase confidence. It connects you with the energy of light and clears and opens all of your chakras.

2. Lepidolite

One of the most effective crystals for anxiety, lepidolite creates a sense of peace and serenity. It naturally contains lithium, which is often used in anti-anxiety medication. A great stone for transformation and assisting with making positive life changes. It relieves worry and overwhelm, and balances emotions.

3. Lapis Lazuli

Clears emotional baggage and gives you mental strength. A great stone for overcoming trauma. Enhances your insight, awareness, and inner truth. Unifies the mind and voice to bring clarity to thought and speech.

Teaches compassion and spiritual love. Great for meditation since it allows us to reflect on and realize what’s important versus what’s unimportant, and it awakens the third eye chakra.

4. Selenite

A purifying stone that assists with cleansing the mind and providing clarity of thought. It can absorb negative energy while attracting light and positive energy. Shifts resentment, anger, and grudges while encouraging love and forgiveness. Clears away the darkness one may feel and can release blocked emotions.

5. Amethyst

Can be used for many things including help with addiction problems, insomnia, and increasing your intuition. It is mainly used to provide peace and balance and relieve stress. A perfect stone to have during meditation because amethyst provides you with a great spiritual connection, a sense of calm, and a better understanding of life.

6. Blue Lace Agate

Calming and soothing stone that brings peace and patience. It is healing and promotes relaxation. It can also help in creating trust and recovering self-confidence.

7. Shungite

Known as the miracle stone. It brings relief from anxiety and stress while protecting you from electromagnetic frequencies. It also purifies, heals, and cleanses your aura. It is a protective stone that is great for transformation, boosting your energy level, and your overall health.

Shungite brings you back down to earth and can help you transform the dark emotions from your past into light and positivity. Detoxifies and purifies the mind, body, and spirit.

Crystals For Career/Workplace

crystals for CareerWorkplace

1. Carnelian

Promotes assertion without being too aggressive. Gives you a boost in confidence to help you get tasks done. Great for ambition, energy, and action.

2. Flourite

Heightens your mental abilities and promotes creativity. It also helps with organizing and processing new information and clears the mind from distractions.

3. Tiger’s Eye

Balances your first three chakras to help you stay grounded in overwhelming situations or times of high stress. It increases courage, confidence, strength, and personal power. It helps you overcome fatigue and discouragement.

Tiger’s eye makes scattered thoughts, feelings, and information come together in a way that makes sense. A great mood lifter that stimulates you to take action and manifest goals.

4. Citrine

Gives you a spark of creativity. Also useful in boosting memory, concentration, and confidence. The perfect stone for your desk or office.

5. Clear Quartz

Amplifies energy and creativity. Known as the master healer, it is one of the most powerful healing stones and is said to increase spiritual wisdom. It promotes clarity of the mind and aids in creativity. With focused concentration, you can program clear quartz to accomplish any goal.

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Crystals For Positive Energy & Grounding

Positive Energy & Grounding crystals

1. Black Tourmaline

One of the most powerful grounding and protective stones. It protects you from any negative energy around you, helps you stay grounded, and disperses tension and stress. It also helps shield you from electromagnetic pollution.

2. Black Onyx

Known for its quieting, calming, and protecting abilities. It not only protects against negative energies, but it can absorb and calm energies such as diffusing a quick temper and increasing your self-control. Black Onyx can create a distance between yourself and other people’s energy. It can be used to open your root chakra to help you stay grounded and calm.

3. Smoky Quartz

Can be used for many things, but mainly it blocks negative energies by providing you with a layer of protection, especially around your aura. It shields you from emotional attacks and electromagnetic waves. Helps you overcome feelings of depression, anger, jealousy, and fear.

4. Hematite

Helps to ground you and bring you into yourself again. Aids in self-control and mental clarity. It clears confusion and allows you to feel more balanced, calm, and centered.

5. Black Obsidian

Reflects negative energy back to where it came from. Continuously cleanses and purifies negative energy that may be lingering in your aura. It offers protection from both self-inflicted negativity and environmentally induced.

Want to know more about the benefits of crystals? Check this video out below!

Crystals For Luck & Prosperity

Luck & Prosperity crystals

1. Jade

Reverses bad fortune and is known for bringing good luck. Helps you to embrace a positive attitude and envision new possibilities for yourself. Creates harmony of the mind, body, and spirit, and is said to be a very lucky stone.

2. Aventurine

This stone is known to attract luck and money, especially when taking a chance. It also helps with personal growth and intellectual learning and is known as the stone of opportunity.

3. Citrine

Attracts abundance and brings health, wealth, and happiness. Often known as the stone of money magic.

4. Lace Agate

Often called the stone of plentitude. Used to boost optimism and abundance so you can manifest good fortune.

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Crystals For Sleep

Sleep crystals

1. Rose Quartz

A comforting and calming stone that has healing powers to settle emotions. Regulates the body’s flow to reduce restlessness and feel less overwhelmed.

2. Howlite

Helps relieve insomnia and aid in remembering dreams and easing anxiety. The ultimate calming stone.

3. Celestite

Relieves pain, relaxes the muscles, and eases mental issues. Aids in quieting the mind for deep, rejuvenating sleep. A peaceful and relaxing stone.

Nikki is from Boston and has been writing since she was a young girl. She often uses her personal experiences as inspiration for her writing, in the hopes of helping others out there who may have been through similar struggles. She and her husband run a small business called Moonlight & Mindfulness where they offer hand-poured crystal candles, homemade tea blends, and crystal items like jewelry and gift sets. Nikki is also a meditation practitioner and leads workshops on things like the moon phases and shadow work.

Written By Nikki Rutledge    
Originally Appeared Nikki Zarrella
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