Zodiac Signs as Teachers of Love

7. Libra: teaches that love is peaceful

The seventh Zodiac Sign is drenched with the energies of Venus. This is why they love to be in Love. Love is their energy, what keeps them going. And peace is what keeps love intact. Although they are not passion-free, they truly want to be fulfilled by love and feel whole. Libra teaches us that Love is peaceful.


8. Scorpio: teaches that love is instinctive

The eight Zodiac Sign has a weak spot for mysteries and secrets. But what is more clear to them is that their instincts can actually feed their dreams and goals. Scorpio loves the truth and what is more true than what we feel. When they are in love, they are passionate and honest, just like a primitive instinct. Therefore, Scorpio teaches us that love is instinctive.


9. Sagittarius: teaches that love is a journey

The ninth Zodiac Sign has a completely different approach to love. For a true Sagittarius, life is a game. An adventurous, sometimes dangerous, but always interesting game. Therefore, love is their vehicle, what they use to embark on this amazing journey to seek more interesting and brain-stimulating activities. Thus, Sagittarius, teaches us that love is journey full of diverse and enchanting stimuli.


10. Capricorn: teaches that love lasts forever

The tenth Zodiac Sign is ruled by the ancient God of Time. Capricorns love thrills and they can be pretty flirty since they are also influenced by Mars. However, for them true Love is eternal as all precious things for them. Therefore, they will do anything to protect, nurture and help true love grow. You can see Capricorns growing older but their love is still solid. Capricorn teaches us that Love lasts forever.


11. Aquarius: teaches that love knows no limits

The eleventh Zodiac Sign is an exception to most astrological rules. They can follow rules but they don’t really like them. They are unique. When Aquarius is in love, nothing can keep them away from what they have in mind. Not space, nor time can truly restrict them. They will find a way to get what they want.


12. Pisces: teaches that love makes us divine

The twelfth Zodiac Sign is the last one of the cosmic circle. This is where all comes back to the source. They say that Pisces have the strongest intuition. Probably because they feel closer to the Source.  Nevertheless, Pisces in love is like a living fairytale. They remind us everything that love is capable of. Therefore, it reminds us what we are capable of. And as we divine, we are capable for Everything!


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