What Each Zodiac Sign Teaches Us About Love

What Each Zodiac Sign Teaches Us About Love

Everyone’s way of loving is different from the other, and there are different things each zodiac sign teaches us about love. 

Love is the key to the most divine Witchcraft. We’ve all felt her power. It’s no coincidence that Aphrodite’s sacred animal is the Lion, the King of Animals.

Goddess’s of Love choice is justified only if we decode this symbol. As Lion is the most powerful and respected animal in all animal kingdom, love is the power that makes us kings and queens.

Love helps us understand our divine origin. And as I said in the beginning, it’s the greatest force in Witchcraft. 

What Each Zodiac Sign Teaches Us About Love


Zodiac Signs as Teachers of Love

All Zodiac Signs have felt love and we’ve all been touched by her power. In the same way, we’ve all been hurt by love and learned our lessons. Well, love doesn’t hurt. Our attachments hurt. Love is universal. Yet each sign has something different to teach us about love.

What The Zodiac Signs Teaches About Love
What The Zodiac Signs Teaches About Love

1. Aries: teaches that love is an awakening

As first of the Zodiac Signs, Aries symbolizes all the forces of nature waking up after a long sleep. It’s Life itself as a force of awakening. Aries teaches us that Love is a true force of Awakening. Just like spring wakes all nature up, love invigorates Aries and wakes up all instincts. They are true to their hearts and reach for what they want.


2. Taurus: teaches that love is real

The second Zodiac Sign has a different approach. They are much more stable – probably more stable than all – and they look for a ‘love cave’. Thus, their primitive instincts are rarely sugar-coated. They want love to be free and real. Moreover, they want it to be deep and intense. Love is power and they want to feel it in this way.

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3. Gemini: teaches that love is inspiring

The third Zodiac Sign is the one who is always aware of nearby influences. Probably the brightest minds of all, they feel Love as an uplifting force, one that can dispel negativity and dark thoughts.

Love inspires them. Thus, they do amazing things when they are in love. Therefore, Gemini is the one who teaches us that Love is an Inspiration.


4. Cancer: teaches that love is nurturing

The forth Zodiac Sign is the first of the Water Signs. Cancer is the Zodiac Sign ruled by the Moon. Therefore, when Cancer love something they like to nurture and protect it. What we learn from them is that Love can sustain us physically and emotionally. As the old song says, ‘All we need is Love’.


5. Leo: teaches that love is brave

The fifth Zodiac Sign is the one ruled by our bright Sun. Therefore, Love of Leo is obvious, it’s real and should be respected. Leo can do crazy things for love. Therefore, we all get inspired by their actions and their example. Leo teaches us that Love gives us the strength to fuel our dreams and surpass our fears.


6. Virgo: teaches that love is selfless

The sixth Zodiac Sign is also ruled by Mercury thus they are blessed with such powerful mental skills. However, when it comes to love they are surprisingly reckless. They can sacrifice so many things for the person they are in love with. Virgo teaches us that what we do for love, we do it for free. Love is selfless.

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7. Libra: teaches that love is peaceful

The seventh Zodiac Sign is drenched with the energies of Venus. This is why they love to be in Love. Love is their energy, which keeps them going. And peace is what keeps love intact. Although they are not passion-free, they truly want to be fulfilled by love and feel whole. Libra teaches us that Love is peaceful.

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