Zodiac Signs Who Love To Cuddle RANKED From Most To Least


Zodiac Signs Who Love To Cuddle: Twelve Signs Ranked Down

Are you someone who loves the idea of cuddling? Do you want to know the zodiac signs who love to cuddle the most and the ones who don’t?

Obviously, the degree of affinity or disdain people have towards cuddling varies greatly. Some people feel comfortable only when others are around them. They even love the idea of literally getting close to someone by cuddling.

Others simply hate it. All they need is their very personal space with a strict boundary. Most of the time, they cannot tolerate anybody intruding in their bubble.

In short, just like everything else, different people react differently to cuddling. As we know well, our Zodiacs always have a lot to say about how we might respond to a certain thing. Our response to cuddling is no exception.

Based on your zodiac sign, you could be a cuddler or you might be someone who craves for personal space. How? Let’s find out.

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Zodiac Signs Who Love To Cuddle RANKED From Most To Least

In this article, I present all the zodiacs who love to cuddle in descending order according to who loves to cuddle the most.

1) Taurus (20 April to 20 May)

A Taurus absolutely loves cuddling. They are always up for it, like, always! For them, it’s like the coziest thing. Plus, it’s romantic and fun. They see it as closeness beyond mere kisses and hand-holding.

Even sexually, the Taureans love to snuggle before making love. Admittedly, it turns them on!

2) Cancer (21 June to 22 July)

The second in line is Cancer. For them, cuddling is the best way to get to know somebody more intimately. Anyway, conversations come naturally to them. Yet, it’s ideal when they are in comfortable clothes and snuggling close to their partner.

In fact, they have the utmost focus on all conversations when they are cuddling.

Moreover, they also love accompaniments, like, laughter, tickles, or kisses. They are very much like cuddly teddy bears.

3) Leo (23 July to 22 August)

Leos are an affectionate lot. They are very much into PDAs. I believe Leo only gets to their prospective romantic partner by touching them. It’s a very fond feeling for them.

More often than not, Leo would stay and snuggle after making love. They could even make up excuses so as to cuddle. If denied, they might even get quite upset.

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4) Pisces (19 February to 20 March)

They love cuddling so dearly that they daydream about it even when they are not actually snuggling. When there is nobody else, they’d even cuddle a stuffed toy maybe. It makes them feel safe and loved.

They get most cuddly when they are in a good mood. Otherwise, they sometimes might not seem like the cuddling type.

It can even be a friend that they are cuddling with. The essential thing is that they are physically close to the person they love.

5) Aries (21 March to 19 April)

They not only love cuddling, but they are super good at it. They know the perfect hand positions so that their partner can be fully comfortable. With their lovely fingers, they know the best ways to touch you, so that you get the chills down your spine.

In short, an Aries is a cuddling champion.

Cuddling is an expression of care for Aries and they are not just sexually driven into it.

6) Libra (23 September to 22 October)

A Libra is very balanced when it comes to affection. They are not much into PDA, yet, lack of attention upsets them.

They would love to snuggle under a blanket while reading or watching a movie. Yet, they are most likely to not carry on with it all through the night.

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7) Scorpio (23 October to 21 November)

Although they are passionate lovers and sometimes even possessive, they are not much into cuddling. Being vulnerable as they are, scorpions would snuggle only with someone whom they trust.

Anyway, a Scorpio is not much into PDA. Love for them is a very private domain. Especially so when it comes to cuddling.

They will not cuddle unless they are comfortable with you. Spooning is not quite their way of expressing affection.

8) Capricorn (22 November to 23 October)

This lot is not much into cuddling. They love control and regard cuddling as somewhat detrimental to their control over you. Even if they do cuddle, it’s mostly only for a while.

Like cats, they’d let you know when they want to be touched. Otherwise, it’s better to leave them alone. They would snuggle only when they share a strong and stable relationship with the person.

9) Virgo (23 August to 22 September)

Although they are much loving and caring, they are not very expressive about their affections. In fact, they aren’t of the romantic type in the least.

They prefer pragmatic ways of showing love, rather than PDA. They need their own space and might sometimes take snuggling as a clingy act.

At times, however, they might surprise you with a brief cuddle. When it comes to cuddling, it’s best to let them initiate it.

10) Sagittarius (22 November to 19 December)

The relationship is the thing for a Sagittarius. Especially if they have good, meaningful sex. Yet, they aren’t very fond of cuddling. They need their space, even in a serious relationship!

A Sagittarius would prefer play-fighting over snuggling. Very seldom do they feel romantic enough to cuddle.

11) Aquarius (20 January to 18 February)

NO cuddling for the Aquarius. Period. They have a huge bubble around themselves that you are simply not allowed to enter.

They have their own ways of expressing love and would do it in their own time. Rushing into getting physical with them might even ruin the relationship.

They love sex, however, but hate cuddling. Cuddling, for them, is a waste of time and it makes them physically uncomfortable.

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12) Gemini (21 May to 20 June)

It’s true that a Gemini is flirty and very charming. They are quite the lovers, yet, are staunch non-believers of cuddling.

They might be great with their tongues but have sloppy hands. In fact, they cannot really figure out what to do while cuddling. It confuses them.

Those were the zodiac signs who love to cuddle ranked down for you! So, if you are one of the cuddly types, you must make sure how your partner feels about it.

As you’ve already seen, cuddling is a much fragile terrain for some and you’d obviously not want your zodiac cuddles to ruin a relationship.

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Zodiac Signs Who Love To Cuddle RANKED From Most To Least
Zodiac Signs Who Love To Cuddle RANKED From Most To Least
zodiacs who love to cuddle

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