Your Love Style Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Your Love Style According To Your Zodiac Sign

Just like each personality is unique, their ways of expressing affection also differ significantly.

To put it simply, if everyone would love the same way, everyone would be in love with everyone around. But that is not the case.


How we love attracts who we love.

For example, someone might love conditionally; some love might suffocate, while someone else might give a lot of space for the relationship to blossom.

Some put physical intimacy over emotional necessities, while someone else might be more in favor of an intellectual relationship.

There is no point judging someone for the way they love, for it is their own choice. But, what this article hints at is that the way you are and the way you love would evidently bring the preferable person to you.

If you are in an unsatisfactory relationship that you just want to get rid of, it means that both of you are not in sync as to how you love.


Love is primarily of 6 kinds – Agape, Eros, Ludus, Mania, Pragma, and Storge.

Now, how we do understand the style of one person? One would be to check their very personality, but that is time-consuming. The other is checking their zodiac sign, and we would have a rough estimate in our hands. While by no means it is perfect, but it is near perfect.

Someone might have two or more ways of loving, but they will always have one dominant style. And if you are the lover of that person, you might as well get to know more about it.

The types are as follows:


1. Agape

Virgo and Libra

Often familiar among Christian thinkers as a charity, agape encompasses the concept of altruism, defined as an uninterested and selfless concern for the well-being of other people. In the short term, altruism leaves us with a euphoric feeling—the so-called ‘helper’s high’. (1)

This type of altruistic behavior creates and perpetuates a form of healthy social, psychological and environmental mess for others to sustain and enrich themselves.

When this implies an interpersonal bond between two partners, it signifies selfless love where you put your lover’s needs over yours and never bother checking up on that. You feel grateful for their presence in your life.

Virgo and Libra are two zodiac signs that usually follow through with the Agape style of love. Libra usually takes some time deciding if they are doing enough or not, and then they show their love.

It doesn’t mean that you are a pushover. It just means that you are considerate about the loopholes in your relationship, you understand about the snag.


2. Eros


This defines the construct of modern-day love and romance.

In Greek myth, it is a form of madness brought about by one of Cupid’s arrows. (2) It encases the mad, passionate and intensely sensual love.

Basically, it is the honeymoon stage in any relationship where your partner seems to be the ideal partner you were looking for your entire life.

In this phase of love, you are looking at the world through tinted glasses, and whatever you behold, the vision is filled with sunshine and daisies.

It is not wrong to imagine yourself in a Utopian circumstance but this phase often make us blinded from reality hence the face ‘blindly in love’.

You eagerly wait for being with your lover and have already presumed the next thirty months of your life with them.

Aries, we are talking about you. You are full of love and your passion dictates you. You shower it on your partner. It is not your fault if your partner doesn’t understand that.


3. Ludus

Sagittarius and Scorpio

Ludus is playful love which involves activities such as teasing, dancing, or more overt flirting, seducing, and conjugating.

The focus is on fun and relaxing, feeling carefree in each other’s company.

For those into physical intimacy, Ludus is your style; you do not look for commitment or a long term congenial relationship. The relationship is free of expectations, considerations, and promises. You don’t care much about the emotional involvement and have no desire turning any sexual encounter into something permanent.

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