The Type Of Friend You Need According To Your Zodiac Sign

The Type Of Friend You Need According To Your Zodiac Sign

The type of friend each zodiac sign needs

1. Aries –

A calm and stable person

Someone who will be there when they need them most so you have a person to rant to. (earth signs)

2. Taurus –

A chatterbox

Someone who can keep the conversation going because you’re a great listener (air or water signs)

3. Gemini –

A good listener

Someone who will stay interested and pay attention because you will bring it up later (earth signs)

4. Cancer –

A sympathetic friend

Someone who will always be there to hug you when times get tough (water signs)

5. Leo –

who complements you

Someone who knows how to give a good complement because we all know you deserve them (water or air signs)

6. Virgo –

An extremely loyal friend

Someone who will never leave you because those are the people that matter (earth sign)

7. Libra –

Who is open to Change

Someone who is completely open to change and is facing the world head-on they will help you out of your comfort zone (fire signs)

8. Scorpio –

Who has a good sense of Humor

Someone with a fantastic sense of humor even though many people may not know you love to laugh (any sign that makes you laugh)

9. Sagittarius –

A graceful energetic person

someone with a crazy amount of energy who will be able to keep up with you and your exciting life (fire signs)

10. Capricorn –

An honest personality

Someone who is very honest with you and tells you straight up how they feel about everything (fire or earth signs)

11. Aquarius –

Emotionally expressive person

a loving person who is open about their feelings and emotions because you secretly love to love people (water sign preferably cancer)

12. Pisces –

Who lives for the moment

someone who just enjoys the moment they don’t mind just sitting watching a movie or eating supper without a word being spoken. (Earth sign)

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The Type Of Friend You Need According To Your Zodiac Sign
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