What The Mayan Zodiac Sign Say About Your Personality

Mayan Zodiac Sign Say

Even though you are excellent at handling people in a group, you still remain very sensitive to how they feel in different situations. This means that if you are a boss or manager, you are loved by the team for your positive nature that is always happy to help. Many will see you as a friend, regardless of whether you’re a colleague, neighbor, or new acquaintance.

Earthy and easy-going, you’re always up for new experiences and showing people how they can let loose and have fun. Perhaps organize a day out with some new friends so you can learn more about each other whilst having fun!

13)  Wo’: August 15th to September 3rd

Wo- Mayan Zodiac Sign

This sign is very similar to Ch’en and Sak, sharing strength from the night time darkness before the start of the day. You are a sign who has both the Jaguar and Frog as your spiritual totem animals, giving you the best of both animals.

You are brilliant at leadership, just like the Jaguar but you also love a challenge and you’re very adaptable like the Frog. You love anything to do with mystery too, always wanting to discover new places, no matter what environment it is. Great activity for you would be to visit ancient monuments and learn about the different cultures of that time.

Also, try to go out for walks at night time (remember to stay safe) on your own or with a pet dog and discover the peace and tranquillity the night has to offer when it’s at its most quiet times.

14)  Sip: September 4th to September 23rd

Sip- Mayan Zodiac Sign

People born under the sign of Sip are connected to fire and air, making them very powerful people that are connected to the forest and specifically Deer and Stags, which are your spirit animals.

Gentle and graceful, you have qualities of the deer to be sensitive and sometimes vulnerable, searching for peace in your life. If something disrupts harmony in your life, such as an argument, you could take flight from the situation whilst upset, only ready to discuss it when you’re ready and calm.

However, with the Stag’s influence, you can actually be very upfront and dominant with brilliant leadership qualities. Red is your power color, so it would be a good idea for you to wear accessories that reflect this.

A good idea for you is to spend time in the forest, perhaps taking a walk or going on a bike ride. These surroundings can bring you a calm feeling, which acts as a good form of escapism from stressful situations or surroundings that you need to take time away from.

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15)  Sotz’: September 24th to October 13th

Zotz- Mayan Zodiac Sign

Zotz, sometimes spelled Sotz, is a sign that has spiritual animals of the bat and the fish, which are two very different beings but they are both able to move very well in their environments, like the bat in the sky and the fish in the water.

Due to this, your elements are air and water, making you very sensitive and intuitive of the world around you. It’s very difficult to fool you, so you can spot straight away when someone isn’t being truthful. It’s not so easy for others to be able to see beyond the rose-tinted glasses and discover the real side of people.

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