Your Zodiac’s Deepest, Darkest Secret Revealed

Your Zodiac’s Deepest, Darkest Secret Revealed

Here are some of your Zodiac’s darkest and deepest secrets revealed. 

Have you ever wondered what is really found in the depths of your soul? Maybe you wonder about your spouse or a close friend. Astrology has answers to these questions.

We all have attributes about ourselves that don’t exactly put us in the best light, and it can be difficult to come to accept those traits.

Let’s take a dive into secrets today and have a look at who you are on the inside.


Your Zodiac’s Deepest, Darkest Secret in a word or two has been revealed:


Real Softy

Aries people may appear to be bold and tough on the outside but deep down, they’re a real softy. You secretly crave love and attention. And sometimes, you’re too shy to admit to the fact that you want people to be around you always. You also refrain from expressions of love (unless you’re really secure in your relationship), lest you put someone in the position to play around with your feelings.


The Suspicious

Taurus- Not trusting easily is your secret! When put in the spot, your past experiences can have you feeling quite insecure and distrustful. Once you’re sure of the person you want to spend your life with, you will give them all- including your trust!



‘I Am Not Really An Open Book’ –

Gemini people do trust others but are cautious. There are only a handful of people whom you can rely on. But you also fear that they may break it and use your insecurities against you. That’s one of the reasons you rarely open up to people.



The Calm And Collected

Cancer fear of being vulnerable. You don’t want anyone to play with your feelings, that’s why you constantly keep them hidden from the world. You want people to see you as a sorted-out kind of person, and you’re willing to do anything to keep that reputation intact.


The Center Of The Universe

A Leo can’t stand someone else’s ego. They really like being the center of all attention without expressing much. You love basking in the glory of the limelight, and that’s not something you’re willing to share easily!



The Overthinking

Virgo people think a lot. It may not always come through, but a billion things are running through your head at any given point of time. With a lot of thinking, comes unwanted assumptions as well – so over-thinking ain’t the best idea! Mostly, things aren’t as bad as they are in your head. Just go with the flow, we say!


People Person

‘Being alone’- is the biggest fear of a Libra! You always want to have people around you or have that special someone by your side to motivate you at all times. You will never tell people your insecurities, but deep down, you hope that they understand your needs.



The Secretive

Scorpio people have truly mastered the art of being secretive. You have a poker face, and you’re not the kind of person to interfere with people’s lives. You observe and only lash out if provoked. It so happens that you know a lot about what’s happening in other people’s lives, but hardly anyone knows what’s been up in yours.


The Free Bird

Sagittarius loves to fly high. They seem to run away from making commitments. You may love your partner to no end, but when it comes to him putting a ring on it, you get the heebie-jeebies. Flight is your first reaction if someone tries to put a label on stuff – you’d much rather take your own time over it!



What Flaws?

Capricorns avoid situations where the flaws might be revealed. You’re a perfectionist – and that’s the side of your personality you want people to know. It’s okay – everybody has imperfections, you just need to come to terms with yours!


Too Caught Up In Their Own World

Aquarius people feel disconnected even when they are surrounded by a group of a gang. You try to make an effort to understand what other people are saying, but sometimes you get too caught up in your own world. Listen and focus on what others are saying – it won’t hurt!

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