Basic Palmistry: What Your Life Line Says About You

life line

Your life line says a lot about your future. Your fate is written in your hands!

Palmistry (or Chiromancy: from Greek Chira-χείρα & mancy-μαντεία) is the art of foretelling the future by “reading” the signs of one’s hands.

Palmistry can be found in many parts of the world although we can notice many variations depending on the cultural background.

The roots of Palmistry can be traced back to Hindu (Vedic) Astrology while others believe that comes from Egypt or ancient Persia. What is certain, is that palmistry goes a long way back to ancient times and that diviners didn’t only look at hands, but at the forehead too, in order to read the karma of an individual.

Why’s your Wedding Ring on your 4th Finger?

The basic concept for the most widely spread type of palmistry is rooted back in the ancient Greek Religion. Each area of the palm and fingers is related to a god or goddess, and the features of that area (lines, bumps etc) indicate the nature of the corresponding aspect of the subject.

For example, the ring finger is associated with the Greek god Apollo. Bearing in mind that our (traditionally golden) Marriage Ring is worn on this finger, we invoke the power of Apollo in our Lives to bless our wedding, whether we know it or not.

You see Apollo is the god of Sun and Gold corresponds to Sun, therefore by wearing the golden ring we call upon the forces of the Sun – Apollo. I chose to explain this to make it even clearer that Palmistry is not only a method for foretelling the future (and the past) but is also a powerful system for remedies and charms.

In these series, we will help you decipher Palmistry, in a simple, yet effective way, in order to read your hand and your friends” palms.

A reader usually begins by reading the person”s dominant hand. This is our most powerful hand – usually – the hand we write, the hand we use for most things. 

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The LifeLine


This line extends from the edge of our palm above the thumb and travels in an arc towards the wrist.

Basic Palmistry: What Your Life Line Says About You
Basic Palmistry: What Your Life Line Says About You

Properties of the Life Line:

The life line is an indicator of your vital energy & your life’s major events. Moreover it portrays your physical and psychological well being.

Your life line does NOT indicate the actual length of your life. However, it can predict if certain times of our lives cause stronger emotions. Furthermore, it can predict karmic events which may change the way you perceive everything.

What does my life line say about my future? Let’s Begin:

life line
Life Line say about future

1. Α Long & Deep Life Line:

a long and deep life line
Basic Palmistry: What Your Life Line Says About You

A long & deep life line usually indicates a healthy individual with stamina and vigour. This individual lives his/her life passionately.

2. Α Short & Deep Life Line:

a short and deep life line
Basic Palmistry: What Your Life Line Says About You

This does not mean that this individual is going to have a short life. However, it means that he/she overcome difficulties and come out as a survivor. But, he/she can easily be manipulated by other people.

3. A Thick Life Line:

a thick life line
Basic Palmistry: What Your Life Line Says About You

This is an indicator of physical well-being and/or success at sports.

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