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You Are Already Ready

You Are Already Ready

No one is ever fully ready. Doing the things that matter usually requires just doing them… by realizing we are ready enough.


Just sit with that for a bit. Count the number of times in a week that you tell yourself you can’t do This or aren’t ready for That or have no idea how to Whatever. Then ask, with an open mind and an open heart:

“Is that true?”

Because chances are, it’s not. Chances are, you could do the thing that’s calling to you. And chances are, if you don’t do it, then you won’t do it. Ever.

Here’s the big secret, the big thing that the people who do big things do differently: They. Just. Do. It.

They don’t wait til they’re “ready” because you will never, ever be fully ready, and there is a devious little voice inside you* who will happily remind you of that at every opportunity, every day, preventing you from ever doing ANYTHING, until or unless you say “I don’t have to be fully ready” or “I am ready ENOUGH, Dangit!”

And. Then. Do. It.

They don’t wait until they have the Full Plan, until they know what all the steps will be, until they have all the skills already. They hear that little voice saying “but how will you do…” and they say “NOPE.” A big giant NOPE, folks.

They say “I will try this”. They say “This is good enough.” They say “I am good enough.”

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Often, the journey to be able to say those things and mean them starts with, well, saying them. And meaning them. It can be really, really hard.

I’m not saying to swim the English Channel without preparing first. I’m saying to start preparing now. Figure out what steps are necessary, and start taking them. No excuses. No bullshit. Because there will always be a million excuses (some of which sound really good!) to wait until tomorrow. And because you deserve better than that.

So the next time that little voice tells you that you can’t do something, and you realize it’s not true… try doing it anyways. You may discover that you can. That you’re ready enough.

Just like the rest of us.

From my heart,

*I call this voice Wormtongue, after the guy in Lord of the Rings who’s bad attitude literally sucks the life out of an otherwise powerful King. We all have that inner judge. When you’re ready to take your kingdom back from it’s influence?

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