Kathryn Hogan

Hi! I'm Kathryn. I'm a wellness and relationship coach and author. I share powerful tools and mindful practices to help you live that Big, Rich, Satisfying life your heart knows you're meant to be living. My book, Your Big Life: Ground Rules to Get Unstuck and Stop Sabotaging Yourself, is coming out December 14th. Check out.

When I Chose to Let You Go.

When I Chose to Let You Go.

Get Free From Hurt Challenge

We see what we expect to see.

It’s Time To Put Your Worst Foot Forward

Hiding behind what we think others want us to be prevents healing. It continues this script saying x y and z about me is bad, should be hidden, is unforgivable.

You Are Already Ready

No one is ever fully ready. Doing the things that matter usually requires just doing them... by realizing we are ready enough.

What To Do When She Thinks You’re Creepy

Understanding what’s really happening when a woman feels ‘creeped out’ will help you understand what you can — and can’t — do to deal with such situation.

A Wholistic Guide to Natural Treatments for Depression and Anxiety

Mood disorders are debilitating, and they’re on the rise. Here are some effective, safe tools to help overcome these disorders, that your doctor may not tell you about.

Compliments Is Your Key to Copulation – Sassy Advice for Men

Compliments may seem like a superficial, silly, or even manipulative mode of communication. But appreciating a woman out loud is a powerful way of showing your love for her.

If You Think Dating’s a Game, You’ve Already Lost

When we see potential mates as opponents, targets and obstacles instead of beautiful people worthy of our love and trust, everyone loses.

Overcome the Fear & Follow your Purpose

Our culture tells us that following our hearts is a dangerous waste of time and energy. That we have to earn our happiness, by doing things we don’t really want to do, by suffering. What if that’s wrong?

Why Nice Guys Stay Single

“I figured if I was nice, I would impress girls. If I was nice enough, I would get a girlfriend.”