22 Life Hacks You Wish You Knew Earlier – World’s Leading Psychiatrist Reveals

According to world’s leading psychiatrist you should know these 22 life hacks.

Russian psychologist and psychotherapist Dr. Mikhail Litvak has contributed to the development of practical and popular psychology writing around 5 millions of books along with a large number of research papers.

He gave 20 tips following which will help us do well in our lives as well in our relationships:

(1) Live for yourself instead of living for others. Else, you would end up living the way others want you to, not the way you want to.

(2) Plan your actions well. Don’t worry about happiness. If your actions are planned properly, happiness is bound to follow.

(3) People don’t throw away one another from their lives. They just move ahead faster and others fail to catch up with their pace.

(4) Daydream isn’t bad if they are realistic. Fantasize these realistic dreams and you will not lose your focus.

(5) People, mature or immature aren’t ignorant. All people have knowledge. The difference lies in the application of this knowledge. Matured people know how to apply the knowledge whereas the immature ones don’t.

(6) Logic doesn’t depend on gender. It’s illogical to think that there is a difference between male logic and female logic.

(7) It’s not possible to please everyone. If you are trying hard, then stop it right away or get prepared to embrace a major setback.

(8) Books are far better companions than a shallow person. Spending time with books is more rewarding and entertaining.

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(9) People who don’t have any accomplishments of their own are the ones who criticize others.

(10) You are your biggest enemy. You can only cause yourself the most harm rather than anyone else around you. So, face yourself first.

(11) It’s better to pay off services rather than letting people make you feel guilty of or grateful for their help.

(12) If you are happy with yourself, you wouldn’t be thinking of what others think of you.

(13) It’s okay to talk to your friends. But talking to your enemies makes you conscious of your own drawbacks. You learn from your enemies.

(14) Insults and criticisms are there to pull you back. You don’t need to pay any attention to them. The day you succeed, they will automatically vanish in thin air.

(15) It’s okay to be curious. Just use your nose properly. It’s better it stays away from others’ lives and invests your time and energy in understanding science, philosophy and life.

(16) Depression is harmful, painful and affects both our physical and psychological well-being. However, it is also the phase where you realize the things which are pushing you towards positivity or pulling you back.

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(17)Loneliness helps us grow. If you face it after experiencing love, take it in a positive way. It means you are evolving emotionally and spiritually.

(18) Happiness grows with sharing. Share it with your friends to be happier. Share it with your enemies to let them know how better you are than them.

(19) In any form of relationship, don’t break away until and unless it’s hampering your personal development.

(20) If you want something, make things work so that you can earn it. Don’t waste your time waiting for it to come to you.

22 Life Hacks You Wish You Knew Earlier - World’s Leading Psychiatrist Reveals
World’s Leading Psychiatrist

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