Dear Women, Never Do These 3 Things To Your Men

Dear Women, Never Do These 3 Things To Your Men

3. Trying to help him when he needs none

Never ever try to help someone come out of a situation just because you believe he needs a change for good. Your man is a grown adult. Do not probe and poke him tell you that they need your help. Trust on your man to tell you when he needs your help.

You will only mess up the situation by trying to help him when he really doesn’t need it. It will backfire and your man will get more frustrated and withdraw into a shell.

Remember to never do these 3 things to your men, no matter what.

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Dear Women, Never Do These 3 Things To Your Men

7 thoughts on “Dear Women, Never Do These 3 Things To Your Men”

  1. If the man is not the person I expect him to be it means that the idea I have of him which comes from the way he portrays himself and my own analysis is incorrect. If it is incorrect that is because….in each case that happened (and the man did admit to it when gently prodded) the man deceived me intentionally to think he was someone else so that I would want to be with him and then was just “hoping” that I would get comfortable and fall in love with the real him. NO WAY.

    It’s never going to work that way EVER. I choose the people I want to be with based on traits that are very important to me to have in a partner. If any of those traits aren’t there even if I was in love I would still leave the person. If ever I have an expectation that the man be the person I want him to be it is because he tried to lead me to believe that was who he was.

    This is a common experience for women and it is very common for men to lie in order to get a woman to be with them and to then be upset the woman wants them to be the person they pretended to be. What the woman usually wants is for the man to not have “changed” into the person he actually was, because she thought he was someone else in the first place. This is understandable; however once a woman realizes well enough that the man is not who she thought he was and never was it is her responsibility to become self-empowered and to realize that she has no obligation whatsoever to stay in that relationship–or any relationship for that matter.

    If the man is not who the woman wants him to be she has a personal choice available to her to leave, and she should leave for the good of herself; and also for the man.

    I get the “hoping” part. In these days when people are learning more and more about manifestation it is important to realize that people have free will and you can not manifest someone else transforming themselves to become better. You can encourage, you can suggest, and maybe manipulate someone into making decisions in that direction, (not advocating manipulation but it’s the truth-might as well admit to that aspect of reality), but you can not force someone to change their personality or develop themselves that is up to them. They can be influenced and that is real; but it is never a guarantee. Hoping won’t necessarily change your partner…. but leaving him or her and then accepting that you will find whoever is right for you at this time whether it be someone or no one and letting it go will lead you to find someone else, who perhaps will be better off with you then the person you want to change and you with them.

    1. So, what’s the point for the woman? Why is she still there? I get that you love someone, but all that give, give, give and don’t ask for anything in return, oh no, don’t do that…You might hurt him or ruin this great relationship. WOW, just WOW!

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