How To Love The Woman Who’s Content On Her Own

Love The Woman Who's Content On Her Own

It’s easy to love someone who is dependent upon you, but is it healthy?

Some of the strongest relationships are ones where both partners are self-sufficient and able to stand confidently and securely on their own. When both parties are independent rather than co-dependent it creates a relationship that’s built upon strength and security, rather than an unequal balance of power.

But how do you love someone who may want you, but doesn’t need you?

Although this may sound like a challenge, it’s truly not.

Here’s 6 ways on how to love a woman who’s content on her own:

1. Understand that she is—and always will be—her own person.

The most important truth you need to recognize if you’re going to love a woman who’s content on her own is that she is and always will be her own person. And so should you.

When you love a woman who is independent, her independence won’t change, simply because of your relationship.

It’s important to support and give space for her to grow into her unique identity and not ask her to change because of you or your relationship.


2. Know that a relationship doesn’t define either of you.

A relationship is an addition to your life. It isn’t your whole life. It’s important to keep this in mind when you start dating an independent woman. Although your connection will bind you together, it won’t be either of your definitions.

You can, and should have other friends, commitments, goals, and obligations outside of your partnership. This will help you continue to be your individual selves.


3. Give her space to grow and spread her wings.

In order to truly love a woman who’s content on her own, you have to give her the space to truly flourish. She won’t become her own person if she’s constantly standing in your shadow. And if you clip her wings or stifle her growth, your relationship will ultimately crumble because she can’t be her true self.

If you really want to love her, give her the space to bloom.


4. Respect her boundaries.

Everyone has boundaries. When these boundaries are respected, the relationship thrives. When they’re not, the relationship cracks and can even cease to exist. It’s fundamentally important (for every relationship) to respect your partner’s boundaries, and for someone who’s content on her own, this is even more important.

Keep in mind: she doesn’t need you, especially if you disrespect her. All she needs, she already has within herself.


5. Find ways to support one another.

Independent women need support, but sometimes they push back because they’re so used to being on their own and supporting themselves. To have a strong relationship, you have to show your partner that you’re there and that you support her.

She’s not in this alone anymore.


6. Focus on growing together.

A productive relationship is focused growing individually and also together. When you love a woman who’s content on her own, it becomes even more important to focus on the growth that happens as a unit. This will help you to continue to build your relationship, and not just your individual selves.

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