When it comes to dating, women can be quite paradoxical. We yearn for that nice and sensitive guy, at the same time we cannot but stop our hearts from falling for the THE POPULAR kind. It’s always the handsome, play boy of the class that gets the most attention. Someone who is usually tagged as narcissistic and self-absorbed. The ‘Man” who surpasses our intellect and challenges us in every way. The one who would never commit, winning whose attention would be like winning a Jackpot. The one, who ignites the wild and passionate side of ours. There is something about those naughty eyes and a smirk on the face that drives us insane.

Yes, He is, what we call the “Bad Guy”
Below we discuss some of the possible reasons why we feel more attracted to the Bad Guys. Let us know, if you find these true.

1) They take us to an adventure land.
A guy with serious commitment issues, surely makes a woman want them more and more. All the cool and popular guys suffer from commitment phobia. He never seems to commit and continues playing with a woman’s heart. He definitely comes across as a bad guy. But somehow we poor healers fall for them more. The sudden splurge of attention and nothing at times gets our hormones on a roller coaster ride and we keep craving for more. The chase, and the challenge we pose on ourselves for this ‘Most Wanted’ Bad Guy comes along as a MUCH WANTED adventure.

2) Nice guys=Boring
While we NEED a nice guy, we end up WANTING a bad guy. When we know porridge is good for us. We still go drooling for a slice of PIZZA. Don’t we? No one can deny that we tend to associate the nice guys with boredom and dullness. Women inherently keep looking for someone to take care of them, they at times need that caring and sweet attitude of a guy, yet somehow ends up preferring a guy who has no connection with the term ‘intimacy’ and is usually ‘unromantic’ by nature.

3) It’s more of a physical attraction:
A strong personality, hot body and a condescending attitude- pretty much everything to sweep a woman off her feet. Women somehow try to associate physical attractiveness with good skills in bed.

It is obvious that women want a long lasting relationship with a nice and kind guy, but when it comes to explore their sexual side, they prefer a passionate and fierce partner. Someone who would make them explore their lustful nature. It is observed that the women who emphasize more on bodily desires, settle for a guy who had multiple sexual partners. While women with little to zero sexual experience, go for the nicer guys.

4) Women take them as a challenge:
How many times we have come across a movie where the sweet girl next door succeeds in humbling down an aggressive, wild guy? Women in general are natural healers, they like fixing people. This entire idea of taming down a wild and conceited guy, while winning his affection is a picture perfect story for them.