This Is Why He Broke Up With You

This Is Why He Broke Up With You

He broke up with you because you loved him too much, probably too much that he got scared. He freaked out that maybe he couldn’t give back the kind of love that you deserved from him; the love that you’re entitled to. It would be unfair to receive more from you when deep down in his heart, he knew he was giving you less. He broke up with you because you were too good for him, and someone like you was meant for a guy who’s more than a piece of garbage. You belonged to a guy who’s going to take care of you and love you more than he could.

He broke up with you because when you said “I love you”, he wasn’t certain if he wanted to reply “I love you too.” Yet the worst part was that he said “I love you” back, because he didn’t want to hurt you, even though he clearly did not mean it.

He broke up with you because he was tired of being guilty. He did not want to live a life lying to an innocent person who wanted nothing but best for him. And it broke his heart to see the hope in your eyes that showed you wanted the relationship to last forever, but he wasn’t sure if it would.

He broke up with you because you should be with a guy who would be glad to say “I love you” first; a guy who would look you in the eyes when he said those three lovely words.

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He broke up with you because he admitted that he still had residual feelings to his previous relationship. He broke up with you because maybe he still couldn’t get over with the girl that came before you.

Maybe when both of you weren’t together, he would occasionally stalk his ex’s profile and miss her badly. Maybe he still cried at night when he remembered his ex. And that is why he broke up with you because he was such a mess. A pathetic guy who thought that by being in a new relationship, he would heal. But he carried his baggage with him, and damaged you, you who had no idea what a broken guy he was.

He broke up with you because a guy like him was better off alone; a guy like him should be isolated in a place where he wouldn’t be tempted to find love.

It wasn’t your entire fault that you fell in love with a lost boy. It was him to blame for being emotionally unstable to jump aboard in another relationship. He broke up with you because he needed to figure things out on his own, to feel sorry for his wrongdoings, and to contemplate on the false promises he gave to you.

He broke up with you while it wasn’t yet too late fix the chaos that he delivered in your life, while he was still brave enough to apologize, while there was a time for closure. He broke up with you, put his hands on your face, and told you it was all his fault — he’s an idiot.

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And you were well-intelligent to be associated with someone like him. He didn’t deserve your caring soul, your loving heart, and your understanding of mind. You should not be wasting your time with a guy that couldn’t love you completely.

He broke up with you because it was the right thing to do; he had to do it. It would hurt you so bad but he had to let you go; allow you to find success in a different relationship. Because a person with a big and soft heart deserves more than a cold and hard-hearted guy.

This Is Why He Broke Up With You

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  2. To all the guys and girls that are clicking on this wanting to know why…. Read no further… Don’t waste your time on such bullshit! He broke up with you because time is fuckd and you need to get out there and LIVE! I wasn’t sure why this was on my newsfeedd until I took the bait and clicked on it. Yourre clicking on this to see this comment that says you’re all beautiful people and you need to grab life by the reins and LIVE!!!!!!!!!

  3. Or maybe he said it and meant it, but then you shifted from being open to gauging how he reacted to your games, instead of taking what he said on face value. Now he needs to prove something, earn your trust. And he having been down that road so many times decided I ain’t going there again. And so you twist it into some story that he was garbage etc rather than take ownership. But the pattern keeps repeating till you start saying things like: “men are all arseholes etc etc”. And you get older and older and more bitter until the pain of accepting it was you all along, you did this to yourself, is too much to bare. Or hey maybe the guy was ‘garbage’ who knows…? I’ve never had a failed relationship I could blame on just myself or the other person, so I am always doubtful when I hear that.

    1. Angelo Caerlang You are welcome, feeling one is right I find is usually a sign that there is something deeper to consider. You write very well, I look forward to reading it.

  4. This is several stupid things I see posted here. Like Tell if you have cancer if one of your toe is bigger than the other’ STUPID. People really read into these >>
    I just do not get it!

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