6 Reasons Why Hitting Rock Bottom Was The Best Thing That Happened To You

Reasons Why Hitting Rock Bottom Was Best Thing That Happened To You

Though the reason for your hardship might not be apparent, in time you will uncover it. Have faith that the universe has your back. 

4. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


Failing is the process of building a muscle. When you overexert part of your body, what do you do? You rest it, give yourself a little tender loving care, and you start with smaller exercises to rebuild your strength.

The same process is true of falling down or overcoming adversity. You can build your resilience and get back in the saddle. Accept that there will be a little pain in the recovery, but subsequent difficulties will be much easier to face.

Don’t back down. Fight a little longer. 

5.  Something better is around the corner.

No one stays down forever. And there are plenty of stories about celebrities — like J.K Rowling and Oprah – who suffered misfortune and triumphed over their circumstances to get where they are today. There were better opportunities on the horizon meant just for them. Your time will come, too!

Dig deep into your soul while you’re in the midst of failure. Be clear about what you want and don’t want in your life.

Great things happen to people who summon their courage and boldly go after their dreams. Look for that open door to something better. 

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6.  Success is sweeter on the way up.

never give up on success

When you get back on your feet after hitting rock bottom, you have a greater appreciation for the little things. Suddenly, you are most grateful for sunrises and sunsets, flowers blooming, children laughing.

Put down your baggage, enjoy a fresh start, and be free to experience all the joys in life. 

You may also find that this once-thought devastating situation has favourably changed your character. You know what it’s like to feel pain, desperation, shame, and guilt, and you’ll be there for someone else when they stumble, teaching them the wisdom that comes out of failure and how to accept it gracefully.

Fact: embracing the fall on the way down is hard. But when you give yourself compassion and welcome the experience of failing, you’ll be able to take back your life — even make it better than it ever was.  

In time, and you’ll realize that hitting rock bottom was the best thing that ever happened to you.

It showed you exactly who you are capable of becoming.

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6 Reasons Why Hitting Rock Bottom Was The Best Thing That Happened To You
Reasons Why Hitting Rock Bottom Was Best Thing That Happened To You Pin
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